Texas Rangers catcher Mitch Garver, ‘a very solid contributor behind the plate,’ set for surgery

ARLINGTON, Texas – Mitch Garver is a catcher who can hit, that’s why the Texas Rangers got him. He doesn’t want to be hit, so he will have to undergo season-end surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon in his thrown arm.

Garver is limited as a designated hitter and has been unable to catch or throw since early May because of a right hand problem he had been suffering from for a long time. The 31-year-old is scheduled for surgery on Monday so he will have time to make a full recovery to get back on the plate in spring training.

“I was less likely to push back at the end of the year and would probably have to sacrifice a few months to catch up in 2023, but the lineup still has the bat,” Garver said. “I think if I want to be a player, I like to be behind the plate and that way I can bring more to the team.”

Texas acquired Garver from Minnesota early in spring training, when displaced shortstop Isiah Kinner-Falepha was sold to the Twins. Minnesota expelled Garver from the University of New Mexico in 2013, and in 2017 he made his major league debut.

After hitting the pitch with a loaded base to drive the first run for Texas in Friday night’s 6-5 series-opening victory, Garver batted third against the Twins on Saturday. Manager Chris Woodward said Garver will also play in the series final on Sunday.

Garver hit .210 in 52 games on Saturday, including 10 homers and 23 RBIs. After catching his last game on May 8, he was moved to the injury list due to his finger, his left knee sprain at the end of that month lost three more games, followed by a 10-day period on the IL related to COVD-19. Traveled. Last month.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s hard to get hurt. The game is already very tough, and trying to play from injury makes it even harder, “said Garver, who has been receiving daily treatment for 2 1/2 months.” I’ve not been 100% all year and it’s frustrating. We couldn’t and we did our best to manage it. “

Garver’s breakout season in 2019 was 93 games with 31 homers winning the Silver Sluger Award, but he has had injury issues ever since. In 2020 he was battling a short season of epidemics, then in 2021 he missed most of the time due to taking the wrong tip in the thigh area and the need for surgery.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli said Garver was a reliable teammate and a good man as well as always productive on the field.

“If you look at what he does when he plays, I mean he’s a very solid contributor behind the plate. He has good batting, he’s always on base, he’s a threat to the left-handed pitch, “Baldeli said.” It’s hard to see what he did when he’s on the field and says he’s not one of the best catchers in baseball.

Woodward said the Rangers saw the sharpness and temperament of Garver, whom they intended to kill in the middle of their lineup. The manager may also feel that the catcher is being harassed over time that he cannot perform consistently in the way he knows.

“I hate him because I always want to write him in the lineup,” Woodward said. “But if there’s any difficulty or anything, it gives a little buffer, so he’ll be ready for spring training like a full-on go.”

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