France and manager Corinne Dyker are happy as they start against Euro 2022. Italy, but will it last?

Azby-de-la-Zouch … is she weird? asby? The most difficult task for French players since the women arrived in England on Monday for Euro 2022 is to pronounce the name of the small town where they live for the duration of their participation in the tournament. The second part, “de-la-zuch,” is very simple and even feels French, as if it’s doomed. However, the first part is difficult!

In any case, Ashby-de-la Zouch is a small plot of paradise Lace blues Landed. She was cool, green, spacious, and manager Corinne Dyker was exactly what she wanted for her players. If, like most people around the world, you don’t know where ADLZ is (to put it simply), it’s not too far from Birmingham and at the moment, French Camp is a happy camp!

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The French women’s team has not always had a happy mood since Dyker accepted the job in 2017. The tension between the head coach and his players has increased a lot since day one. But for now, smiling more around the French headquarters, Dyker wanted to land in the euro. It remains to be seen how long this reconciliation will last, but in the last five years the atmosphere has become more cordial than ever.

Dyker is desperately trying to change; He is more relaxed and less dictatorial. The long trips and discussions she shared last summer with her agent Jean-Pierre Barnes (who is also Didier Deschamps ’agent) have been really helpful. She must understand that she must change in order to succeed in this role, and her decision to return to Captain Armband Wendy Renard (age 31, 131 caps) explains her reform efforts. After Leon defender sealed his rights to the group, Dyker realized his mistake and his U-turn was the right call.

Midfielder Amandine Henry or forward Eugenie Le Somer – Another reason for the good mood is that Dyker has sidelined players he doesn’t like or dislike. Everyone is pulling in the same direction now.

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France have never reached the semi-finals of the Euros before, and for a while their only limit in major competitions has been their limit: the last time they finished fourth and fourth was in the 2011 World Cup a decade ago. They still make it to the Euros at next year’s Olympics, having lost just one of their last 30 matches after losing to the US at the 2019 World Cup in Paris. (Yes, that defeat was in the semifinals.)

In 2022 he has confidence and momentum. In Marie-Antoinette Catoto, he has the best goal scorer and only a 23-year-old, PSG striker can be a star in the competition. They have a mix of youth and experience and unparalleled personal talent (Sakina Cacharoi in defense, Grace Guerrero in midfield, Cadidato Diani and Delphin Cascarino in front) and they need to build a happy, cohesive camp to support this potential.

The French are not in England for another week, but they are already feeling at home. “We have everything to keep us happy, it’s perfect,” one player told ESPN. They have a large recreation room, which they call the “room of life”, where they spend a lot of time. There he watched England play Austria and was impressed by the atmosphere at Old Trafford. Germany beat Denmark 4-0, good news for Sarah Debritz: Some of the girls played with her at PSG last season and will be a new teammate for others when she moves to Lyon. After the euro!

Squads are also taking advantage of other entertainment options: they have video games, table tennis competitions and pool tables, but by far the biggest attraction is the basketball arcade game. You always hear screams, laughter, arguments and jokes when they try to beat each other’s high scores! PSG midfielder Gyro claims he is the best and although many teammates disagree, of course, friendly competitions are helping to create that team spirit.

Around the camp, you can also see large framed photos of the team: Lace blues Are everywhere. On the door of each player’s bedroom, all spacious and comfortable, is the name and photo of that player. Each player’s room has a bed, a desk, a large bathroom and a wardrobe. Some, like Defender Eve Periset, have brought some homework from their school: The future Chelsea Defender is taking a real estate agent course and will have to study! There are also popular rooms – some players like to hang out in Katoto’s room, listen to music or just talk – but it feels like a team together. Right now though.

The first group match against Italy at Rotherham on Sunday will testify to all the good feelings that have come from the French camp during their early days in England. Otherwise, the ghosts of the past could soon haunt France and diminish their ambitions.

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