NBA Summer League – Scotty Pipen Jr. and Sharif O’Neill Tracker

Showtime (Summer League) Could the Los Angeles Lakers be one thing?

If you’re talking about on-court performance, the jury is still out on whether the team will stick to that name, but the race on the roster qualifies for Moniker.

The sons of Scotty Pipen Jr. and Sharif O’Neill, NBA Hall of Famer Scotty Pipen and Shakil O’Neill, are on LA’s summer roster, respectively.

Scotty, a 21-year-old point guard, exited Vanderbilt and signed a two-way deal with the G-League South Bay Lakers.

For the 22-year-old Sharif, this is his second time donating purple and gold, as he spent the last two seasons at LSU and before signing a Summer League contract.

Both players accepted the high bar set by their father.

“I would definitely say that there is a different kind of friendship with the fathers of the children whose fathers played in the NBA,” Pipen Jr. said in June. “We’ve been going through this whole process since we were little, we’re always under a different kind of pressure, I would say. A different kind of expectation. So I pick up my hat for all those kids, because there’s a different kind of pressure on your father to play this game. “

“I know it will always be, by comparison,” O’Neill said in June. “Every child will be compared to his father, who behaves like him. That’s why he’s going there. I don’t mind. “

Here’s how the two looked at their Las Vegas Summer League debut:

Game results: The Lakers lost 104-84 to the Phoenix Suns.

Status lines: Pipen Jr. – 19 points (6-14 FG, 6-10 FT), 4 rebounds in 24 minutes
O’Neill – 7 points (2-6 FG, 3-6 FT), 4 rebounds in 14 minutes

Pipen Jr. led the Lakers on points and Sun Small forward Lewis King was just one point behind the leading scorer in the game. He was also accompanied by LeBron James off the field.

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