Wimbledon 2022 – Fireworks in July when Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios face off in the final

London – the same.

Six-time champion Novak Djokovic will face Nick Kyrgios for the Wimbledon title.

For Djokovic, this is a record 32nd Grand Slam final and a chance to move closer to one of Rafael Nadal’s list of all-time winners, including his 21st Major. This is the first slam final for Kyrgios, ranked 40th in the world, and he has a chance to join the long list of Australian players who have won the title.

Djokovic has experience at 35; At 27, Kyrgios has the power and advantage to, in principle, have a few extra days off after Nadal was knocked out before his planned semi-final.

Kyrgios has won both of his previous meetings, but both happened in 2017, when Djokovic was struggling with injury and motivation. A lot has happened since then but the final round is likely to include, according to Djokovic, “fireworks”.

Why will Novak Djokovic win?

Well, because it’s Djokovic, who hasn’t lost on center court since Andy Murray lost in the final in 2013. Since that day, he has taken his Wimbledon title to six and another one will bring him along with Pete. Behind Sampras and Roger Federer.

Maybe this motivation is enough, but Djokovic also knows that, since he refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the current rules in the United States and he has been barred from entering Australia, maybe he could play another nine months ago. Grand Slam. He won’t get much chance.

Moreover, the grass is a surface on which it is as excellent as the hard courts. There’s a lot of pop in his service and his comeback, always a feature of his game, is as good as ever. He has won 59% on his rival’s second service, a figure that shows how much pressure he puts on the server.

And then comes experience. Djokovic knows what it feels like to prepare for the finals, he knows how to deal with nerves, and despite Kyrgios ’service and tremendous ground strokes, he can hold more strength than anyone.

Jinkel of Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios says with all his confidence that he never thought he would one day play in the Wimbledon final. But after coming out of his first-round match and going through several controversial moments, he has played great tennis to reach his first slam final.

He will confidently make it to the finals, not only because of his form, but also because he has won both matches against Djokovic. Even if both are in 2017, he will remember the fact that he won both in straight sets and did not lose a single serve.

Although John Isner hit more aces and others didn’t make as many mistakes, Kyrgios ’service is the best. He has an average of 24 aces per game – no more than half of his first serve returns, he’s only broken six times and he’s dropping 70% of his first serve. If he does that against Djokovic, he will have a chance.

He also has a few days off after Nadal’s return, so he should be looking forward to the finals. Freshness can be a factor in predicting warm weather for the finals.

What will happen

On paper, and from his own experience, Djokovic should be a favorite. But he has started the last two games slowly, two sets for Janik Siner and one set for Cameron Nori, so he wants to avoid another match. Kyrgios has the ability to take anyone off the court, but he will probably have to play the right match and need his best performance to complete it. Djokovic is likely to find his way into four close sets.

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