Sebastian Vettel slams suspended F1 driver for leaving meeting

Spielberg, Austria – Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has been given a suspended fine of 25,000 euros for missing a driver’s meeting before the Austrian Grand Prix.

Vettel left the meeting on Friday evening “without permission” amid heated discussions between drivers and FIA officials about growing frustration with this year’s decision.

The ruling states: “Drivers are not free to leave when they want to, which is a violation of the requirement to be present.

“Drivers at this level are ideal for every driver around the world, and Sebastian Vettel, according to stewards, failed to live up to those standards in this case.”

Officials said Vettel apologized “without reservations” and then had constructive discussions with race director Niels Vitch this weekend on the issues under consideration.

This year, the relationship between F1 drivers and officers has become more strained, mostly around making inconsistent decisions.

Vitich and Eduardo Fritas replaced evicted race director Michael Massey earlier this year, but the new system at Paddock received a completely mixed reception.

Witich and Fritas oversee the alternate race directing duties, the last weekend of the British Grand Prix.

George Russell, director of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, said the format needs to change.

“Yes, I agree that we need to stick to the race director,” he said after Saturday’s sprint race in Austria.

“We want a little more consistency with the stewards. We come to the next event and often do not have a previous event manager. So there is no responsibility, no interpretation of decisions.

“We ask questions, and it’s hard to get a straight answer because there’s a little bit of blame on someone who isn’t there.

“So difficult. Everyone has their own definition.”

Fernando Alonso has been a vocal critic of the FIA’s decision-making process this year, and in May he apologized to Governing Body Chairman Mohamed Ben Sulem for comments he made before the Spanish Grand Prix.

Alonso suggested that the FIA ​​race stewards lack the racing knowledge they need to do their jobs.

He was plagued by fines for biting chickens during the Miami Grand Prix race, yet he felt a significant lift of the throttle in an attempt to regain any advantage he had gained.

Alonso was embroiled in controversy after Sergio Perez escaped without a penalty at the British Grand Prix last week after falling off the rails in a fight with Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc.

Spaniard said Thursday he would seek clarification at Friday’s meeting.

“I left the track in Miami on a corner and I had an advantage for them [the FIA]But they have to imagine that I have an advantage, because I return all the profits, ”said Spaniard.

,[Silverstone] The advantage was the obvious advantage, as you can fight inside or outside the next corner. So it is clear. And that wasn’t right. So I’m very confused. “

He added: “At the beginning of the year, the track was not allowed. They were very clear black and white.

“Now, if you leave the track, you are allowed to stay flat on the run-off zone and fight on the next corner. So it’s a completely different direction than what we’ve seen so far. So it will be very interesting. Clear it. “

After Friday’s practice in Austria, George Russell, director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, said all drivers were calling for continuity.

Prior to the Miami Grand Prix, drivers had also criticized the FIA’s pressure to enforce the old rules of car wearing jewelry and undergarments, which had disrupted multi-race due to Lewis Hamilton’s nose piercing.

Hamilton’s co-drivers agreed with the judge seven times that the rules are strict and that the governing body wants to deal with more important matters.

Vettel was happy to remember the FIA’s instructions by wearing underwear outside his race suit as he drove to his car before a practice session in Miami.

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