What is Cyber ​​Security, Its Types, Benefits, Importance

What is cyber security, its role, advantages, importance, types, how cyber security works. peoples ask what is Network protection ?

Companions, in the present current and mechanical period, individuals from everywhere the world are associated with one another through web.

Since the plague, like Corona, the instances of digital extortion in our nation have additionally expanded fundamentally. As of late, many such cases have come to the front, where individuals have been hoodwinked of lakhs by digital hooligans.

Today in this article we will let you know Cyber Security in Hindi Will give total data about this so you can keep away from this extortion.

What is the role of Cyber ​​Security?

A sort of safety is a security for the framework associated with the Internet, by which the equipment and programming information is made safer so any sort of information can’t be taken and all records and documents are protected. Remain.
These days the utilization of web and innovation has expanded a ton and clients share their own information, documents, their different sorts of gadgets, virtual products and through various organizations. There is no assurance of how secure this will be. In such a circumstance, digital protection is vital.
Network safety a sort of safety for Internet frameworks that computerWorks to safeguard Hardware’s, Software’s and Data from cybercrime.

Cyber ​​Security a type of security for Internet systems that computerWorks to protect Hardware’s, Software’s and Data from cybercrime.

Definition of cyber security in Hindi

Cyber ​​Security Composed of two words- Cyber And Security

Whatever internet information is related to technology, computer network, application or data, it is Cyber it is said.

Whereas Security It is related to security, which includes System Security, Network Security, Application and Information Security.

in simple words cyber security Its job is to provide security to the devices, softwares and data and networks connected to the Internet network.

Types of Cyber ​​Crime

New technologies are being created and changed every day and that is why all the cyber attacks that happen in the world are also done in different ways.

1. Hacking – In such cyber crime, hackers access personal data and sensitive information from his restricted area without the permission of another person and use the bank account miss by hacking the personal database.

2. Cyber ​​Theft– It is a part of cyber crime which means theft done through internet. This includes identity theft, password theft, information theft, etc. In such Cyber ​​Crime (Cyber ​​Security in Hindi), the hacker violates the copyright law.

3. Cyber ​​Stalking- This type of cyber crime is often seen in social media sites. In which Stalker harass and harass a person by repeatedly sending dirty messages or emails. Especially stalkers make young children and such people their victims who do not have much knowledge of internet and then stalkers start blackmailing that person.

4. Identity TheftIn this type of cyber crime, hackers target those people who use online cash transactions and banking services like Google Pay, Phonepe, Paytm. In such a crime, hackers take out all the money by improperly obtaining someone’s personal data such as account number, debit card details, internet banking details etc.

5. Malicious SoftwareMalware attack is the most common type of cyber attack. It is a dangerous computer software program created by cybercriminals with the aim of harassing other users and sabotaging their systems.

6. PhishingAnother type of cyber attack is phishing. In this, the cyber criminal steals the user’s personal details like Login ID and Password, Credit Card / Debit Card details etc. by sending a fake link to the user through Fake Email or Fake SMS.

7. Child Pornography and AbuseIn this type of cyber crime, hackers mostly hide their identity and talk with courtesy.

Due to lack of knowledge of small children or minors, gradually hackers force children to do child pornography.

8. Man-in-the-middle attack- At the time of communication of two people, cyber criminals tamper with the network and take access to the communication and communicate it. With this cyber attack, the attackers access the communication going on between the users, which the user is not aware of.

9. Denial of Service Attack- In this type of cyber attack, the system and network of a user or organization are prevented from functioning by cyber criminals. With this attack, hackers can also make the system unusable and can stop the important functions of an organization or an individual.

10. Zero-Day- Another type of cyber attack is zero-day, in which loopholes in the software of a system are found and targeted and that software is tampered with.

11. Spoofing- In this type of cyber attack, the hacker can use someone’s identity to attack the system of a big server or big company.

12. Salami Slicing AttackIn such cyber crime, the cyber criminal makes many small attacks and then carries out a big attack. This is also known as “salute fraud”.

13. SQL (structured query language)

In this, the cyber criminal controls the user’s data by stealing it from the database. Criminals access and control the user’s database through some malicious SQL queries and codes.

How does Cyber ​​Security work?

Cyber ​​Security There is a large team of Ethical Hackers in this which prevents data theft, data deletion or damage to any device. Through this, your network, computer system, program and your data are kept secure.

How to protect yourself from cyber attack?

To avoid cyber attacks, you have to keep yourself aware and updated. For this it is very important to keep the following things in mind.

  • Use strong password.
  • Use anti virus software.
  • Update software and operating system.
  • Do not open unknown email attachments.
  • Do not click on links in unknown emails.
  • Do not use unsecured WIFI networks.

Why is Cyber ​​Security Important?

Friends, in today’s era of computer and internet, a lot of people use internet. Internet is not completely secure. A carelessness of the user can put his personal information and data in danger.

To avoid the following dangers cyber security It is necessary –

  1. Cyber ​​security is necessary to keep private data such as images, PDFs, text documents or any other type of data that resides in the computer.
  2. Cyber ​​Security is very important to keep any of your data in which only you own the copyright.
  3. Cyber ​​security is also very important to provide security to banking and financial data.
  4. Nowadays there are cyber attacks in the defense system of our country as well. That’s why Cyber ​​Security in Hindi is very important even for National Security.
  5. Nowadays, most of the work in government offices is also done through internet. There is also some such data or information here which is very important and confidential, Cyber ​​Security is also very important to keep this type of data safe.

Advantages of Cyber ​​Security

  • With the help of this, you can stay safe from Unauthorized Access, so that there will be no risk of any kind of data loss.
  • A security shield is provided to your personal and confidential data through cyber security.
  • With the help of Cyber ​​Security, you can use the Internet with confidence.
  • Nowadays online cash transaction is very prevalent. You can do secure transactions through cyber security.


Q. What cyber security important to us?

Ans: Yes, Cyber ​​Security is very important for us because it protects our personal data from being stolen from the internet.

Q. How do we know that our computer hack It is done?

Ans: If your computer is working slow, you have opened an unknown e-mail attachment or clicked on a link, then your computer is definitely hacked.


Friends Cyber ​​Security(Cyber ​​Security in Hindi) One of a kind internet security It also protects you from malware, black hat hackers or any other kind of cyber attacks. If you use the Internet for banking activities, then you need to keep the cyber security of your device in mind. Antivirus Must be installed.

The cyber fraud network has grown tremendously in the last few years. This is the reason why incidents related to cyber fraud are increasing day by day.

That’s why we all need to be aware and careful because a little carelessness can lead to a big loss. The alertness and alertness of our people is the first guarantee of our safety.

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