[A To Z] Computer Shortcut Key In English

PC Short Cut Key in English : People use PCs for office work or individual work. in any case, console And as a result of the mouse, our work process continues to break. We maintain that should take care of your responsibilities quick yet at times a mouse is required which lessens our speed a bit.

However, if you need to keep your work quick, then, at that point, you can use PC easy route keys, which decrease the utilization of the mouse by and large and make the work process quicker.

For instance, to duplicate a record, then you need to duplicate after right-tapping on the mouse, however to duplicate it PC shirt slice If you have any desire to do it then just you Ctrl+C You need to press and it replicated your document.

We will tell many such alternate route keys in this article today, as well as give pdf of these keys which you can download and keep. so we should see ending Computer alternate route keys in English.

Computer ShortCut Keys in English.

You likewise know this that because of the flood of the mouse, a little disease is found in our work. In any case, on the off chance that you figure out how to utilize the PC alternate way key, you can go about your responsibilities by utilizing the mouse in any event.

For the most part PC easy route key alt, ctrl, shift, Fn key utilized. Likewise there are some extraordinary alternate route keys which can likewise be utilized.

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Computer Shortcut Key In English

Ctrl Shortcut keys in English.

Ctrl + Used  for Select All letter.
Ctrl + To  make the text bold
Ctrl + C Used to copy the text.
Ctrl + X Used for cut the text.
Ctrl + E Used for center the text.
Ctrl + F Used to find the letter.
Ctrl + G Used for go to.
Ctrl + I It is used to italicize the font.
Ctrl + J Justified is used for.
Ctrl + K Used for hyperlink.
Ctrl + L Used for left alignment.
Ctrl + M Used to move.
Ctrl + N Used for new file.
Ctrl + O Used for Open File.
Ctrl + P Used for print.
Ctrl + Q Used to close.
Ctrl + R Used for Reload or Right Alignment.
Ctrl + S Used to save the file.
Ctrl + U Text is used to underline.
Ctrl + V Used for paste.
Ctrl + X Used for cut.
Ctrl + Y Used for redo.
Ctrl + Z Used for Undo.
Ctrl + End Used to bring the cursor to the end of the document.
Ctrl + Home Used to bring the cursor to the top of the document.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Browser But in the opened tab, it is used to go backwards.
Ctrl + [ to decrease Font size.
Ctrl + ] Used to increase the font size.
Ctrl + PgDn To open the next tab of the browser.
Ctrl + “+” To zoom the window.
Ctrl + “-“ To Zoom in the Zoom Window.
Ctrl + 0 To bring the Zoom window to the actual size.
Ctrl + Del To delete the file permanently.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc To open Task Manager.
Ctrl + Esc To open the start menu of the computer.

Computer Shortcut Key In English

Alt Shortcut Keys in English.

Alt + Enter To view the properties of a file or folder.
Alt + Space Opened window to Close, Minimize, Restore.
Alt + Backspace To Undo.
Shift + Alt + Backspace To redo.
Alt + Tab To switch windows.
Alt + Right Sign To go to Next Page / Next Tab.
Alt + Lift Sign To go to the Previous Page / Previous Tab.
Alt + Ctrl + lwft Rotate Screen (Press the arrow on the site on which to rotate.
Alt + E To bring the option of editing in the current program.
Alt + F4 To close the program or window /
For computer shutdown.

Computer Function Shortcut keys in English.

  • F1 : You can utilize this key to open the assistance and backing focus in any program or programming.
  • F2 : This key is used to rename File / Folder.
  • F3 : You can use this key to open the search bar in Computer / Browser.
  • F4 : If you press this function key with alt, then any program will be closed.
  • F5 : To Refresh Dasktob / Browser Url You can use it to reload.
  • F6 : If any URL is open on the browser, then with this key we can go directly to that URL/Address bar.
  • F7 : You can use this key to check Spell and Grammar in Ms Word.
  • F8 : This key is used at the time of window installation on Computer / Laptop.
  • F9: This key is used to refresh the document in Microsoft Word.
  • F10 : To select the menu of a software or program.
  • F11 : This key is used for full screen mode.
  • F12 : In Ms Word this key is used to save the document.

Shift Shortcut Keys in English.

Shift + 1 For Exclamation Mark(‘!’)
Shift + 2 At the rate for the ‘@’ symbol
Shift + 3 Hashtag for ‘#’ symbol
Shift + 4 Dollar ‘$’ symbol for
Shift + 5 Percentage for ‘%’ symbol
Shift + 6 Caret ‘^’ for symbol
Shift + 7 Ampersand for ‘&’ symbol
Shift + 8 Asterisk for ‘*’ symbol
Shift + 9 For Left Parenthesis ‘(‘ symbol
Shift + 0: For Right Parenthesis ‘)’ symbol

Note: For the capital type of any alphabate, the capital structure is composed by squeezing that alphate with shift.

Windows Shortcut Key in English.

  • Windows Key + A : To open Dakstab Menu Bar.
  • Windows Key + C : To open Cortana in listening mode.
  • Windows Key + D : Hide and Show the desktop.
  • Windows Key + E : To open File Explorer.
  • Windows Key + G :Game Bar to view.
  • Windows Key + H : To open Ms Voice Service
  • Windows Key + I : To open Settings.
  • Windows Key + K : To open the Connect quick action.
  • Windows Key + L : To lock the computer.
  • Windows Key + M : Minimize all windows.
  • Windows Key + R : To open the Dialog Box.
  • Windows Key + S : To open the search box
  • Windows Key + U : For to open the Ease of Access Center.
  • Windows Key + X : To open the Quick Link menu.
  • Windows Key + Left Arrow Key : Minimize the browser window to the left.
  • Windows Key + Right Arrow Key : Minimize the browser window to the right side.
  • Windows Key + Up Arrow Key : Minimize the browser window to the top side.
  • Windows Key + Down Arrow Key : To minimize the browser window.
  • Windows Key + Comma : Opens the desktop for a temporary period of time.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + D : To view Virtual Desktop.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + F4 : To close open Virtual Desktop.
  • Windows Key + Enter : To open Narrator.
  • Windows Key + PrtScr : Dakstab Screen to take Screenshoot.
  • Windows Key + “+” Key : For Zoom in.
  • Windows Key + “-” Key : For Zoom Out.

Q. What is computer shortcut key in keyboard?

Ans: Keyboard shortcut keys are a combination of two or more keys, which are used for different tasks in the computer. This shortcut key reduces the use of the mouse.

Q. How many buttons are there in a computer keyboard?

Ans: Statndred keyboard has 104 keys. But nowadays it is a keyword in which some extra key is also added.

Q. How many types of keyboards are there?

Ans: There are three types of keyboards – Normal Keyboard, Wireless Keyboard and Ergonomic Keyboard.


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