The biggest playoff drought of Mariners, Phillies and MLB

There are many MLB Teams are expected to make an impact in some of the most anticipated post-season games this season.

Getting to the playoffs in professional sports is the first step in believing that fans and franchises are the ultimate glory. But while some organizations have made it a habit to taste the post-season flavor – think, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who made the playoffs nine seasons in a row – have forgotten what others love to play in October.

2022 season (all figures until Friday, June 10):

Last playoff scene: 2001

Playoff Finish (2001): Lost to Yankees in ALCS (4-1)

Notable Players (2001): Ichiro Suzuki (RF), Brett Boone (2B), Mike Cameron (CF), Edgar Martinez (DH), Freddie Garcia (SP), Aaron Seeley (SP)

2022 Outlook: So far this season, the Mariners have hovered around .500 and are battling for second place with the Rangers and Angels in AL West. The Astros have so far escaped with a split. Outfielder Jesse Winker, who was an all-star last season, has had a slow start. He finished batting .305 last season and is currently at .200. The most promising news for the Mariners is the return of outfielder Kyle Lewis. After a long recovery after a third surgery on his right knee, Lewis returned on May 25 for the first time in almost the entire calendar year. Seattle will have to practice to run on the wild card.

Last playoff scene: 2011

Playoff Ending (2011): Lost to Cardinals in NLDS (3-2)

Notable Players (2011): Roy Hallade (SP), Cliff Lee (SP), Cole Hamels (SP), Ryan Howard (1B), Chase Utley (2B), Jimmy Rollins (SS), Raul Ibanez (LF), Shane Victorino (CF)

2022 Outlook: Looking at this roster from Spring Training, the Philadelphia Phillies appeared to be locked for the post-season – but so far, the struggle is real. Philly NL East is in the middle of the pack and is currently below .500. The franchise fired manager Joe Girardi on June 3. Wild card berth seems to be the angle for Phillies.

Last playoff scene: 2014

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Playoff Finish (2014): Defeat by Orioles in ALDS (3-0)

Notable Players (2014): Miguel Cabrera (1b), Ian Kinsler (2b), Victor Martinez (DH), JD Martinez (LF), Justin Verlander (SP), Max Scherzer (SP), Rick Porcello (SP), Joe Nathan (CL)

2022 Outlook: The Tigers improved their lineup by entering 2022 in hopes of reaching the playoffs. The team started the season 6-7 and then lost 12 of 14. He has suffered two defeats in at least six matches. Statistically speaking, crime in the American League is the worst and they currently live at the bottom of AL Central. Xavier Baez’s off-season free agent has not yet paid dividends. To compete for a wild card berth he has to stay warm and warm.

Last playoff scene: 2014

Playoff Finish (2014): Defeated by Royals in ALDS (3-0)

Notable Players (2014): Albert Pujols (1B), Mike Trout (CF), Howie Kendrick (2B), Jared Weaver (SP), Garrett Richards (SP), Matt Schumacher (SP), Houston Street (CL)

2022 Outlook: Los Angeles Angeles is currently moving fast. They have lost 14 of their last 15 and have been sacked by manager Joe Madon on June 7. He was in his third season and had a 130-148 record with the franchise. Angels, who are piloting MVP Shohai Ohtani and Mike Trout, have a star-capable lineup, but they struggled to cope with the injuries of Anthony Randon and Taylor Ward. Still, wild card berths are within reach.

Last playoff scene: 2015

Playoff Ending (2015): The Cubs lost in the NL Wild Card

Notable Players (2015): Pedro Alvarez (1B), Andrew McCachin (CF), Starling Marte (LF), Neil Walker (2B), Gerrit Cole (SP), Francisco Liriano (SP), Mark Melanchan (CL)

2022 Outlook: The arrival of the Pittsburgh Pirates was not expected this season. However, they are still third in NL Central. Brian Reynolds and K Brian Hayes have emerged as an experienced presence at the top of the lineup. A big offseason pickup pitcher was starting Jose Quintana, who had a double-digit win for the White Sox in 2016 and was sold to the Cubs in 2017, where he scored the same number of runs until 2019. The wild card berth feels like a long shot.

Last playoff scene: 2015

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Playoff Ending (2015): World Series winners

Notable Players: (2015): Salvador Perez (C), Eric Hoesmer (1B), Mike Mostakas (3B), Lorenzo Kane (CF), Kendris Morales (DH), Edinson Volquez (SP), Yordano Ventura (SP), Chris Young (SP), Greg Holland (CL)

2022 Outlook: The Kansas City Royals do not appear on the playoff radar, as they finish last in AL Central. There was excitement about Zack Greenke returning to where he started, but he is unbeaten (0-4) and his ERA is above 5.00 as of June 9. No pitcher has won more than two and Brad Keller was able to pull off his 14-defeat season in 2019. Seven have already been lost this season. Wild cards are already out of reach.

Last playoff scene: 2016

Playoff Ending (2016): AL lost to the Blue Jays in the Wild Card

Notable Players (2016): Manny Machado (3B), Chris Davis (1B), Mark Trumbo (RF), Pedro Alvarez (DH), Adam Jones (CF), Jonathan Scoop (2B), Chris Tillman (SP), Jack Britton (CL)

2022 Outlook: The Orioles finished 2021 as the worst team in Major League Baseball, meaning 2022 is already an improvement. Adley Ratschman made his much-anticipated debut on June 24, followed by Cedric Mullins, Ryan Mountcastle, Trey Mancini, Austin Hays and John Means, all of whom are hoping for a brighter future for Baltimore. But the wild card is far from over this season.

Last playoff scene: 2016

Playoff Ending (2016): NL lost to the Giants in the Wild Card

Notable Players (2016): Yonis Cespedes (CF), Curtis Grandson (RF), Jose Reyes (SS), Neil Walker (2B), Bartolo Colon (SP), Noah Cindergaard (SP), Jacob DeGrom (SP), Steven Matz (SP), Juris Familia (CL)

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2022 Outlook: The Mets’ drought looks set to end this season, as they are number one in the NL East. His offense is top-5 in almost every major statistical category. Pete Alonso is crushing the ball, Jeff McNeil is batting above .300 and no pitcher has a losing record. The Mets are committed to the playoffs, but can they advance to the first round?

Last playoff scene: 2016

Playoff Ending (2016): Defeated by Blue Jays in ALDS (3-0)

Notable Players (2016): Adrian Beltrey (3B), Rug Odor (2B), Mitch Moreland (1B), Elvis Andres (SS), Prince Fielder (DH), Cole Hamels (SP), U Darwish (SP), Colby Lewis (SP)

2022 Outlook: The Texas Rangers signed some high-profile free-agents in the off-season – including Corey Seeger and Marcus Semin – to improve on their 60-102 record a year ago. Martin Perez is the brightest star on the pitching staff. As of Friday, it is 4-2 with an ERA below 2.00 in 11. Texas is in the middle of the pack in AL West, which means wild-card berths can be where the sights are.

Last playoff scene: 2017

Playoff Ending (2017): Lost to Dodgers in NLDS (3-0)

Notable Players (2017): Paul Goldschmidt (1b), Jake Lamb (3b), JD Martinez (RF), Jack Greenke (SP), Patrick Corbin (SP), Robbie Ray (SP), Fernando Rodney (CL)

2022 Outlook: Not much has been done in the off-season to make Arizona Diamondback a playoff contender in 2022. To close out the game, he signed 37-year-old Mark Melanchan and brought back Ian Kennedy. Christian Walker has proven to be the mainstay in the lineup on the first base and produced in the plate. Kettle Marte is the only daily batsman to score at least .250. Arizona is hovering below .500. Like many teams on the list, Wild Card Birth seems to be his best bet.

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