New England Patriots bring back red uniforms and ‘Pat Patriot’ helmets

Foxborough, Mass. – The New England Patriots blew up their offseason by announcing on Wednesday that the franchise is bringing back their old red jersey and the “Pat Patriot” logo for the 2022 season.

The specific games played by the Patriots in the popular uniform combination will be announced later.

The club reported creatively with the theme “Back to the Future”.

And now for the Jersey-based patriotic history lesson.

Uniforms and helmets have not changed much in the first three and a half decades of the franchise’s existence since 1960. Then in 1993, when Bill Parcel was appointed coach, the Royal Blue Jersey and A.C. New “Flying Elvis” logo on silver helmet.

In the 2000s, when Bill Belichick took over as head coach, the jersey was replaced with silver on the navy and silver helmet with the “Flying Elvis” logo.

During that time, the Patriots occasionally unveiled their old uniforms and white helmets as a throwback / option, setting a 9-3 record from 1994-2012.

The last time the Patriots wore a red jersey was on October 21, 2012, when they beat the New York Jets in 29-26 overtime.

To find out why he had to wait a decade to be reunited, the NFL’s 2013 rule may change to require each club to wear a helmet for player safety reasons (revised this year to match player-safety standards (while watching). Not to be confused with the Silver Helmet / Flying Elvis logo.

Old jerseys and helmets became popular among patriotic fans during that time.

Which explains why Wednesday’s news got so overwhelming response.

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