Tampa Bay Renee remained silent on the lawsuit filed by the limited partners

Tampa Bay Renee remained silent on the lawsuit filed by the limited partners

Scheduled Tribes. Petersburg, Fla. – Tampa Bay Ray says the latest lawsuit, filed by a group of limited partners accusing Stuart Sternberg of unjustly controlling the team, is a “worthy and tireless campaign” against the club and its main owner. ,

“They have filed a number of baseless lawsuits based on the allegations to put pressure on the team and Stuart Sternberg – which they do not have,” the team said in a statement on Friday.

In a lawsuit filed in the Pinelas-Pasco Circuit Court on June 27, Sternberg alleges that the ownership of less than 10% of the team was transferred to a legal ownership company without the consent of five limited partners.

Similar lawsuits were filed by limited partners in May 2021 and February 2022.

“Ultimately, what compels us to respond is that the latest complaint contains a number of allegations that plaintiffs know are false. These deliberate false claims are designed to harm the Ray organization while we are actively engaged in efforts to create a new one. Ballpark in Tampa Bay, ”the statement said.

“The general and general corporate restructuring has led to allegations that limited partners have been deprived of the value of their investments and their rights and protections, and that limited partners are aware of this,” Reese said. “The restructuring was approved by Major League Baseball and the team’s creditors. It has no effect on any aspect of the limited partner-owned interests or partnership rights.

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