Taehyung weakens the entire Fandom knee with his almost shirtless selfie

If you are in the imagination of Bangtan Sonyeondan then there is not a single boring day. Members, RM, Jean, Jimenez, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkuk and V, are always looking for ways to stay connected to ARMY and since they are connected to Instagram, we have no shortage of BTS content. From posting boxing videos to nature photos and captivating celebs, there are always septate posts on our Instagram feeds. Now, the group’s Delete King aka Kim Taehyung aka Wei is calming entire fans by posting his own semi-shirtless mirror selfie.

He posted two selfies in his Instagram story section, one of which he took off his shirt and the other with a C-through top. And, there was a lot of hotness for ARMY, who are now sharing photos on Twitter.

An Army observer on Twitter observed, “Can you see Taiyung’s line that tells you he does some hard and strong pectoral exercises every day?”

Another fan wrote, “Who cares about sleeping when you’re shirtless?”

We hope he doesn’t delete these stories!

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that Taehyung may be collaborating with K-pop lyricist Kim Ina. In a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Ina revealed that she is in contact with the Christmas tree singer.

She said Park Hyo-shin contacted her and asked if he could give her phone number ‘Tahyungi’ to discuss her songs and lyrics. Then he checked in with Hyo-sin to verify if it was really BTS V. He even sent her some demos.

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BTS recently announced that they would take a break as a group and focus on their solo projects and songs. However, they are not separated and are very much together as a band.

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