Rohit Sharma casts veil over ‘experts’ after Kapil Dev, Michael Vaughan question Virat Kohli’s place

Kohli, who has not scored a century in all formats since November 2019, could not make an impact in the two T20 matches against England. While his form in all formats of the game is being questioned, Kohli is making a comeback to T20 internationals after five months.

People like Deepak Hooda got the opportunity in Kohli’s absence and took full advantage of it. However, after showing excellent form in the first match of the series against Ireland and England, Hooda did not get a place in the playing XI.

Experts, including World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev and former England captain Michael Vaughan, have spoken of Kohli’s long weak patch. Speaking to reporters on Sunday after the third T20 International, Rohit said experts do not know what is going on in the team.

When Rohit was asked about it, he said, “It is not difficult for us as we cannot hear outside. Also, I don’t know who these experts are and why they are called experts. His thoughts on how the team sees Kohli’s form. Kapil said that players cannot be selected on the basis of prestige and one has to go according to the current form, Vaughan feels that Kohli wants a three-month leave from the game.

“They are watching from the outside, they don’t know what’s going on in the team. We have a thought process, we form teams, we discuss it and think about it a lot.

Responding to the growing criticism, Rohit said, “The players we select get support, they are given a chance.” Outsiders do not know it. So what’s going on in our team is more important to me. ” Kohli’s poor performance.

Kohli has 70 international centuries to his name, with only Ricky Ponting (71) and Sachin Tendulkar (100) in the game and Rohit feels that the quality of the star batsman cannot be questioned.

“Also, if you’re talking about form, it goes up and down for everyone. The quality of the player does not deteriorate. You should always keep this in mind when making such comments. We support that quality.

“It’s happened to me, it’s happened to XYZ. It’s nothing new. When a player consistently does well, 1-2 bad series, his contribution should not be forgotten. It will take some time for some people to understand. But for us, the team “We know the importance of running in and out. I would urge outsiders, yes you have every right to talk about it, but for us it doesn’t make much difference,” said Rohit.

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