In a special post, actor Varun Bhagat compared Panduranga’s criticism to the Google Maps icon

Ashadi Ekadashi is often considered by Hindus as the holiest of all Ekadashi days. On Sunday, devotees were seen celebrating special days and receiving blessings from Panduranga. Actor Varun Bhagat, who is playing the lead role in the Sony Marathi series Dnyaneshwar Mauli, has shared a unique post comparing Panduranga’s criticism with Google Maps.

Varun is very active on social media and often shares updates about his personal life and work. His fans admire and appreciate him for his talent. The actor has shared a special post on the occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi.

They have shared a beautiful picture of Panduranga with a long caption in which the Lord’s commentary is compared to the Google Maps icon. The post reads, ‘Have you ever noticed that the symbols of Panduranga’s Tila and Google Maps app are almost identical? I just sat there and realized it was right. Both indicate the final destination. Google Maps takes you to where you want to go, and Panduranga indicates where she wants to go. ”

He went on to say how everyone’s roads would be different. Everyone will have stops on the road from time to time. Those steps will be called karma. The line of one karma will be green and the line of the other karma will be red. Green is a good deed. Red means bad. Pandurang gives us the wisdom to choose Hari Karma, it is our job to use them. Otherwise we get stuck in a red karma traffic jam and can’t get out of it.

Fans quickly shared their thoughts and prayers with the actor.

Many moments of devotion to God are seen in special occasion series. A special episode of Dnyaneshwar Mauli on Sony Marathi was well received by the fans.

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