‘No one flirts with me’

Disha Patani looks very hot in black corset and printed pants.

Disha Patani is 30 years old today. This actress is one of the hottest divas in B-Town.

Disha Patani is the hottest lamp in B-Town. His sculptural physique is truly admirable. In a 2019 interview, Direction shared that, to date, no boy has told her that he is hot or even flirted with her. “All my life, no one has come to me and said that I feel hot. No one flirts with me; They didn’t even try to do that, “she told DNA India.

Direction admits that she was a tomboy as a child, denying the possibility that people feared her. The actor shared that his father raised him like a child. Direction also wore short hair until the ninth. “My hair started to grow when I was ten. I was also introverted. At school, I was a quiet student and confined myself to the last bench, ”she said.

During the conversation, Direction also responded to Salman Khan’s praise. Disha and Salman have worked together in two films, Bharat and Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother. In an interview, Salman called the direction ‘beautiful’ and ‘hardworking’. “Hey she? Why don’t more people come and tell me?” Said Disha.

Describing him as kind, the actor said that it was too sweet for him to say so. Direction noted that she has seen many people look at Salman for different things and the superstar never denies one person. Mentioning that he is a “family man”, Direction explained how Salman always used to order food from his house during the shoot and feed everyone.

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