France v. Italy – Football Match Report – 10 July 2022

Grace Guerrero scored a hat-trick in the first half to give France a great start to the Women’s European Championship with a 5-1 victory over Italy in Group D at the New York Stadium in Rotherham on Sunday.

Italy trailed 5-0 during a hot evening break in South Yorkshire as France continued in style with the highest score in the first half at the Women’s Euro.

Midfielder Guerrero brought the Les Blues closer in the ninth minute, and three minutes later Marie-Antoinette Catoto took a 2-0 lead when goalkeeper Laura Giuliani went straight to her.

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Paris Saint-Germain forward Kato had scored his 26th goal in 31 internationals and could have scored another if he had confidently dominated France at the top of the group after finishing 16th.

Entering the qualifying group without conceding a single goal but winning a major women’s event, France took a 3-0 lead in a powerful strike against Delphine Cascarino in the 38th match.

Giro made his 50th appearance for France, beating two defenders and a goalkeeper in the 40th over, throwing the ball into an empty net and kicking a corner from the VAR.

He then made history in the Euros with a hat-trick before halftime whistle, France scored in the second half and brought options for all their goal scorers.

Italy coach Milena Bertolini said: “We can’t imagine such a loss, but we can also give credit to France.

“I told my players to come on the pitch in the second half, like the game is 0-0. He did it and it wasn’t easy after the first half. ”

Italy threatened to cut 10 players in the 64th game when captain Sarah Gamala was shown a straight red for a high tackle on Gioro, which turned yellow after a long VAR review.

Substitute Martina Pimonte scored a consolation goal with a header in the 76th minute and Selma Bacha cleared the line in stoppage time by beating goalkeeper Pauline Parod-Magin, which would have delayed Italy.

It was France’s biggest victory in the women’s Euro final.

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