France made history by defeating Italy, Grace Gayoro tried to win the Euro Heartbreak of the past

ROTHERHAM, England – On a memorable night in Rotherham, Grace Gyro made a name for herself throughout European Championship history.

Watching the draw between Iceland and Belgium in the first kickoff of the highly competitive Group D and the second call up close, fans erupted in a single commotion around Rotherham as they waited for the final match of the day of the first Euro 2022 match. The color of the stands at New York Stadium for the match between France and Italy was blue, it seemed that no one could wait for the start, the players were not turning the ball while the announcer of the stadium was still waiting. 10.

This was a good sign for the pace at which the team wanted to play after Barbara Bonania gave them a good chance, as it left no chance for Italy. Lace blues Laura Giuliani scored in the net to make it 5-1.

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From Brazilian samba to Dutch total football, football is radicalized and stereotyped. All Italians have given to the world since their early dominance over their men’s national teams, catenacio Where our mind always goes when we think Ajurik, Yet this is a style that women’s national team coach Milena Bertolini has never promoted. So catenacio Literally translated as “Door-Bolt”, it was hard to know what to say about the White-style team-style show in Rotherham – perhaps Splancato (wide open). Dressed in white from head to toe instead of their traditional and iconic blue – decorated in the same monochromatic blue as the French – their kits conveyed the message of their defensive surrender.

France entered the tournament with many question marks on the heads of the people on the team: could they overcome the mental barriers at home for each particular tournament? His star player, Amandine Henry, Lyon’s midfielder, was left at home, so the conductor on the pitch was often misleading his coach, Corinne Dyker, and it became clear he would not play before the team was called up for the tournament. . ,

Like their male counterparts, the French team was always surrounded by noise and drama. A lot has come out of the dugout in the last three years, but when the ball started spinning in Rotherham, Lace blues They all sang from the same sheet as their coach organized the most extensive wins in Euro history. If there were any obstacles, they would be blown away.

In the ninth minute, an accidental bounce from the box caused the ball to hit the midfielder at Giro’s feet, and within minutes Giuliani could only pass a weak cross to Marie-Antoinette Catoto. The Paris Saint-Germain’s leading woman was in the habit of giving birth to teammate Cadidyato Diani, not a rival, but one of Europe’s most powerful strikers needed no further encouragement to do so.

It was there that the match moved away from Italy, with France settling into a passing game highlighting the quality of the defense, a quality that has often been labeled as their favorite. Most of Leon’s team was defensive, but the attackers and midfield move as accurately as a shark kisses in the water, hitting Leon’s coach Sonia Bompster.

When Guerrero wrote the first half of the night’s history, Delphine Cascarino made a good low effort first, scoring two-thirds, France’s fourth goal in the first half, the most goals in the first Euro match. She got even better when the midfielder completed her hat-trick with a delicious volley five minutes later, becoming the first player in Euro history to score a hat-trick in the first half and the second French woman to score three times in the Euros. Coincidentally, five goals were scored once in the first half of a Euro match.

Disappointed Italy rushed for a break, knowing the players were on the wrong side of history and could not withstand the pressure of the French. For Dicker and France, a little more can be asked, as if some team is playing FIFA in a simple, underlined world standard. The bolt was opened, the door was knocked, and the fort was looted.

Although they did not concede defeat in the first half, the second match was very smooth from the French point of view, the work was done, the players got enough rest, the Italian team decided not to accept the second match and made up for their biggest loss. Away (6-0 against Denmark and Switzerland). An endless string of changes broke in half that added Guerrero to further history, and Italian captain Sarah Gamma, the first player in Euro history to receive a straight red card due to a VAR review. The hat-trick hero was one of many that was soon replaced on the pitch as both teams looked less and less like the people standing in line before the evening.

Martina Pimonte’s cohesive goal was undeniably lacking le azure This character, which gives Italy a rare moment to celebrate, outlines how the French people ran out of gas.

The question was whether the French team could overcome the permanent semi-finals as well as internal problems. Lace blues Unable to advance from his last three Euro outings or his last four major tournaments – two World Cups and two Euros from the last eight. In the group stages of the competition, France often looked world-class, able to overtake any rival, but they were knocked out in the knockout stages and did nothing to answer the question of what would happen next with their strong win over Rotherham.

At night, the history of the national team, the legendary players wearing the famous blue shirts and the frustrations of their eternal competition were minimized, all the drama and noise was reduced as these great players made a grand attack. Which no one will ever forget. In their next match, they will face Belgium, the lowest ranked team in their group, and will make such a devastating attack to keep pace and advance them to the competition, if they qualify for the semi-finals. If they reach the finals, they can have one (if not two) great success.

For Italy, with little time to lick its wounds before facing Iceland, Bertolini’s first task is not to find the bolt for the door, but to find the door with which France has blown its hinges.

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