Belgium, Iceland explain how well the difference is in Group D of the Euro

MANCHESTER, England – A 1-1 draw between Belgium and Iceland on Sunday marked the 90th minute in Group D of the Euros. Iceland’s full-time collective body language, with hands on head and a sea of ​​pain in the sky, suggests they found it the hardest, but it was a game in which both teams found it invaluable to play. Opportunity missed. The opener won the next matches against France and Italy.

“We deserved more, but that’s it,” Iceland winger Swendis Jan Jonesdotier said after the match. “We want to keep going, see what we did well and take it with us in the next game.”

Both sides were clearly wary of each other before the kickoff. Seeing Iceland’s ability to play from midfield, Belgium adjusted their usual 4-3-3 size to 4-2-3-1. Iceland tried to push the ball to the pitch to force the Belgian team to make defensive errors for the second time in the Euros, with Tyrone de Cagney, the highest run scorer in the qualifying round, and Wollart, a strong forward Tessa, breaking the supply line.

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The KG affair turned into a late football match, in which Berglind Thorvaldsdotier missed a penalty in the first half and Justin van Heermet equalized five minutes after half time with his spot kick finding the net with a back-post header. After 67 minutes.

The situation may not have helped. Manchester is a northern English city that is synonymous with rain even in the summer months, and so the 28 ° C temperature at kickoff felt almost incomparably hot, making it a mental challenge to get off to a good start in such a good interior.

Swedish referee Tess Olofsson’s VAR review began with a 45-minute restricted combination marked by a foul and a penalty on the pass, in which Devina Filtgens’ hand was in an unnatural position as she blocked Johnsdotter’s shot. . Thorvaldsdotir’s penalty in the 33rd minute was consistent with what had happened before, a bad shot and a lack of confidence, which was easily avoided by Belgian goalkeeper Nicki Evard.

However, Thorvaldsdotir did not have to wait long for the release. Iceland started the second period more objectively by beating Belgium.

In the 50th minute, Carolina Lee Wilhelzelsdotir took the lead on a corner, but when the ball bounced back in his direction, Thorvaldsdotir gave a beautiful cross for a long post in the direction of the header goal. It took a while. This time Everrard made some decent defenses, but she stumbled upon Thorvaldsdotir’s effort and scored her 12th international goal against Iceland.

However, Iceland stopped the game with a second half drive which put them in a winning position. They sat deep, allowing the Belgian to get back into the game, and when Vuilert played the ball to Elena Dhont, Gunhildur Jonesdotir stopped him and awarded him a penalty. Vanhaevermaet made no mistake.

Substitute Alexandra Johannesdotir saw the goal header in two extremely dangerous moments, and at the end of the game Wilhelzlamdotir swung the shot and hit a very wide shot. Iceland completed 23 shots – so far only Spain (32) have played more in this Euro.

“Ending with a draw is a double whammy, but I think the game could have gone anyway,” VanHevermet said. “We had a really good game plan, but we probably didn’t have that concrete.”

The tension between the two sides was understandable. Belgium were not eliminated from their group five years ago, and England showed their limits with an easy 3-0 win last month.

After John Thor Huxen and Thorsten Holderson, Iceland are still adapting to a new coach as they have lost eight of their last ten matches in the Euro final due to off-field issues. Most of the 3,859 crowds roared at him, including Icelandic Prime Minister Catherine Jacobsdotier, who had attended the city center fan park the day before, as the team had to return to the hotel because the colors were not allowed. Stadium VIP area.

If Iceland wants freedom of expression, it will be through Sweden’s Jan Johnsdotter. The 21-year-old Wolfsburg winger, who was named Iceland’s female footballer last year, provided the highest moment of quality, scoring several shocking runs, the Vangelouve duo often clinging to the ambiguous air as they approached the ward.

She didn’t deserve to finish without three points, but in the end, everyone did it. Only time will tell how beneficial this is.

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