‘Are you going to give pleasure ?!’ – Hamilton criticizes fans for their reaction to the qualifying crash

The Mercedes driver lost control in Turn 7, and this weekend Max Verstappen’s fans hit the barricades near the crowded Red Bull Ring Grandstand.

Hamilton was to challenge Verstappen for the pole before Friday’s crash, but he was 10th after Sergio Perez was penalized.

Speaking after scoring eighth place in Saturday’s sprint race, which set the grid for Sunday’s main Grand Prix, Hamilton cheered.

“I don’t agree or excuse any of this, no matter what,” he said. “The driver may be in the hospital and are you going to make him happy?”

“It’s amazing how people will do that knowing how dangerous our game is. I am grateful that I was not in the hospital and that I was not injured.

“You should never be happy with someone’s fall, someone’s injury or an accident.”

Less than a week after Zhou Guanyu’s tragic accident at the British Grand Prix, Hamilton briefly survived the incident, when he somehow managed to avoid serious injury.

Worstappen of the Red Bull was encouraged by a section of supporters at Hamilton’s home race at Silverstone, but Britain is not a fan of mocking drivers.

“It shouldn’t have happened at Silverstone, and it shouldn’t have happened here,” he said.

Verstappen won the sprint for eight points and started on the pole for the Austrian Grand Prix, while Ferrari pair Charles Leclerc and Carlos Senz finished second and third, respectively.

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