‘I didn’t know that before …’

Last Updated: July 10, 2022, 16:12 IST

Tapsi Pannu is currently preparing for the release of Shabash Mithu.

Tapsi Pannu will next appear in Shabash Mithu based on the life of former Indian women’s cricket team and one-day captain Mithali Raj.

In a recent interview, Tapsi Pannu revealed how she was beaten by a girl during a trip to Goa. The actress shared how she didn’t realize it at first. However, later his friends told him this type. She also said that she liked it.

“Not a gay co-worker or co-star, but (it happened) when I went to Goa with my friends and everyone. At first I didn’t know it. Then my friends told me she was attacking you. I think I like this truth because you always think that one girl will find fault with other girls. So I thought she liked it, alas. So I felt better about it, ”Tapsi told Curly Tales, quoting the Hindustan Times.

During the interview, Tapsi Pannu was also asked if she ever envied other artists who did better than her. The actress clarified that jealousy is not the right word and she admitted that she envies the opportunities given to her fellow actors. “Jealousy is probably the wrong word. Yes, maybe he was jealous of the opportunities he got, and I don’t.”

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