With Germany’s big win over Spain, established powerhouse shows are running

Brentford, England – For the third time in their last five matches, Spain won the first three minutes and lost 2-0 in their group match against Germany on Tuesday. While Germany secured their place in the semi-finals, Spain’s future at Euro 2022 depends on the outcome of their upcoming final group stage match against Denmark.

Of all the excitement so far for the euro, the biggest uncertainty is how predictable the results are. For the first time in years, all Euros have shown their “favorites” with some of their best football, with the second, third and fourth-ranked teams in each group unable to contain them. And every time a nation has made a statement, it’s another day to turn to the story of which big dog will have the trophy at the end of the month.

Just to separate Denmark from Germany, to tell France to “hold mine Bear “ Two days after the match against Italy, England reminded everyone that they are coming home to their relegation to Norway on Monday this summer – 12 matches in the tournament, 90 minutes later we have yet to get a disturbing result. But it also meant that the Spain vs. Germany bill survived the hype, as it was played as expected in the Spain match against Germany.

Where Spain looked to get the ball off the field and their players swinging around the pitch, changing position according to the game, Germany came forward with devastating accuracy. Despite being technically talented, playing back was enough to undo the Spanish team, which was regularly struggling to count on their potential.

Spain were caught in the first minute and lost in the first game against Finland, but Germany were able to score until the third minute. The only result was when Clara Buhl caught Sandra Panos’ bottomless short pass, in which the young attacker sent his shot down to the goalkeeper. Buhl became the 36th individual player to score for Germany in Euro history – the highest for any country in Euro history, and the next best country with 28 different goal scores than Sweden.

“We thought we were going to learn from what happened against Finland the next day, but we made a mistake in the third minute today,” Spain manager Jorge Vilda said. “Now we hope that we will not go ahead and make such mistakes. You need to be mentally prepared for how to start the game. I don’t expect the players to play well from the start but I want them to compete well. ”

With the initial advantages, it was more convenient for Germany to sit back and bowl as Spain wanted, a key part of the game for the eight-time European champions (but not the blondes).

Without Alexia Putelas and Jenny Hermoso, Spain had lost most of their goals, but as always, with the team, there was a lack of understanding of who wanted to make the difference in the box. Usually located deep in midfield, Patri Guizaro was given the freedom to push into the box, but the German defense was tough.

Perhaps this was the biggest surprise of the night, that Spain could not overcome their shortcomings like other “favorite” nations, instead they had to face similar problems in every major tournament. Like when not fun enough La Rosa They lost to England in the 2017 tournament, when they had 74% possession, but were still in trouble for a team with 66% of the ball against Germany and a strong German defense.

“He took full advantage of some of his opportunities – we didn’t let him get too many opportunities,” Wilda said. “We made ourselves more and we got more rights. Luck was not on our side in front of the target. We need to stay calm as a team. They did what I told them to do, and if we keep doing it, we will achieve the goal. ”

Having scored once before in the Euros, Alex Pope made a two-in-two with a header in the first half, but that ended Spain’s chances of taking anything out of the game or topping Group B. There were 55 minutes left. To match

Leading on breaks after losing just one match in Euro history (when Denmark were knocked out of the semi-finals), Manshaft die In an exemplary performance in the second half, Dynamic did not allow the Spanish team to get many shots on Merle Froms’ goal.

The defensive flexibility of the German team became apparent when defender Marina Hagering was selected as the man of the match, with the backline working tirelessly and in harmony throughout the night. Following the performance of their attacking team that drove Denmark out of the game in their first match while chasing the shadows with Denmark’s best player Pernil Harder, Germany regained control of action in Brentford, England. But this time without the ball.

The value of team spirit for Germany was evident overnight as the team continued to play with changes made by Germany coach Martina Vos-Teklenberg. Conversely, when the Spanish boss, Wilda, went to his bench and found some of his best attacking talent while playing in Spain, the team did not improve meaningfully on the pitch. Plans seemed limited for the Spanish coach, whose approach to telling the team to keep the ball to himself and pass it on was, once again, an expected fall for the team.

“It simply came to our notice then. Then we adjusted to 4-5-1 and the team did really well, ”Vos-Teklenberg said.“ We were ready to suffer today – we knew we didn’t have much authority, but we wanted to use the switch to attack. Skillfully, everything worked out today. “

Spain now have a tough task to beat Denmark in their final group match, they will be favorites as Denmark are not playing against Finland today.

Still, for all the talk of having a Spanish team with their name on their trophy this summer, they will have to emulate the 2013 German team, which with great courage and determination, made it to the finals from their group. And lifting the trophy. The 2013 German team is the only team in Euro history to finish second in their group and still win the tournament. So no pressure La Rosa,

For Germany, Austria or Norway will either make it to the semi-finals, while the final group match against Finland will give Vos-Teklenberg a chance to turn their squad around. Both Felicitas Roach and Lena Oberndorf will be forced to make deck changes without suspending the coach, but it could end in a training match for the European powerhouse.

“Confidence develops – you can’t overtrain him,” said matchmaker Hegering. “Every day you have to be aware of this and work very hard and I think we had a big base for that in the last two training camps.”

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