Minnesota Wild Deal Disgruntled Goaltender Cam Talbot Philip Gustavson to Ottawa Senators

Minnesota Wild traded the Goldtender Cam Talbot to the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday, just days after tensions between Talbot and Wilde erupted in the NHL draft.

Talbot, 35, who played 49 games for the Wild last season, led 32-12-4 with a .911 saving percentage and three shutouts. This was his second season in Minnesota and ninth overall in the NHL.

But when Wilde bought star Mark-Andre Fleury from the Chicago Blackhawks on a trade deadline, his goal setting changed dramatically. Fleury started 11 games in the regular season and lost five of six games to the Minnesota St. Louis Blues in the first round playoffs.

Last week, Flurry signed a two-year contract extension with Wilde for a salary of $ 3.5 million per season. While Talbot’s contract will reach मर्या 3,666,667 next season, his salary in 2022-23 is only $ 3 million.

His agent, George Bezos, told The Athletic that he met with Wilde’s general manager, Bill Guerin, to draft what it means for Fleury to return and for Talbot. “While we’ve both gone about our roles, Billy has a lot to think about,” Bezos said. Guerin said after the second day of the draft that he had no intention of trading the talbot despite discussions with the Bezos.

“He’s under contract. He’s a good boy. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. It’s the NHL. Hey, my feelings as a player have been hurt,” Guerin said. “My goal is to win. If we have Cam Talbot or Mark-Andre Fleury in the net, we have a good chance.

Four days later, Talbot is now a member of the Ottawa Senators, joining Anton Forsberg to form a strong pair in the net.

Gustavsson, 24, has reached a free cap of 7 787,500 in the final year of his contract with the restricted free agency. He has played 27 NHL games in two seasons, going 10-13-3 with a .905 saving percentage.

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