Wimbledon 2022: ‘Let’s go to the nightclub and go to the gym’ – Kyrgios plans party with finalist Djokovic

The pair were once rivals, when Kyrgios competed with Djokovic on the ‘No Challenge Remaining’ podcast in 2019, saying the Serbians had “a sick passion” to become popular, enjoying the way Roger Federer expressed the love of the tennis audience.

More recently, however, Kyrgios has expressed sympathy for Djokovic’s plight in January, when the Serbian was detained due to his vaccination status and eventually deported from Australia.

This worked to prevent bad blood flow, and Kyrgios suggested that the pair have a nascent “bromans”.

Djokovic isn’t sure about that, but the once-existing needle is unlikely to be a factor, at least initially on Sunday. Given the instability both men can bring to the court, the match could seriously test coordination.

Djokovic also predicts “fireworks”, but that doesn’t mean it looks bad.

On central court, Djokovic will be aiming for his seventh Wimbledon title, in which he will equal Pete Sampras behind Federer’s eight as the second-largest opener of men’s singles in the open season.

On Saturday, Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo referred to the pair’s conversation at Wimbledon’s Orangi Practice Court, where Djokovic told Kyrgios: “It took you five years to say something nice about me, haha.”

According to Ozmo, who reports for the sports club, Kyrgios replied: “But when it was important, I defended you.”

Djokovic then said: “You did, I appreciate it.”

As the conversation continued on social media, Kyrgios wrote on Instagram: “Are we friends now?”

Djokovic scoffed at the reply: “If you invite me for a drink or dinner, I accept. The PS winner will pay tomorrow. “

Kyrgios was not satisfied with the level of the celebration, instead proposing: “Let’s go to the nightclub and go crazy.”

Djokovic and Kyrgios have played twice before and Kyrgios has won both times without losing a single set. Although he came to Acapulco and Indian Wells in 2017, Djokovic was at a relatively low level.

Now the 35-year-old Belgrade player is focusing on a title that will take him to a career of 21 Grand Slam titles, one of all-time men’s leader Rafael Nadal.

This will be Djokovic’s 32nd Grand Slam final, a men’s record, as he chases for the fourth consecutive Wimbledon title, the seventh in total. His only defeat in the Wimbledon final was in 2013 when Andy Murray defeated him in a straight set.

In contrast, Kyrgios will fight his first Grand Slam singles final. He won the doubles with Thanasi Kokinakis at the Australian Open in January, but this is a big move, and it could be a bit cold, as the Spaniard’s return semi-final against Nadal was canceled due to injury.

The last Australian men’s champion at Wimbledon was Leighton Hewitt in 2002, but Ash Barty performed in the women’s singles last year before retiring in March.

Kyrgios, ranked 40th in the ATP rankings, is the lowest-ranked Wimbledon men’s singles finalist since 2003, when his teammate Mark Filipposis of Australia was ranked 48th.

He is the first unseeded player to reach the slam final since Joe-Wilfred Tsonga at the 2008 Australian Open.

Djokovic defeated Tsonga that day to win his first Grand Slam title and has enjoyed it for 14 years since then.

This serves as a reminder to the company that Kyrgios may be away from his room, but there could be danger if all aspects of his game come together.

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