Why Varun Dhawan asked Karthik to share the stage with Karan at a party: ‘People don’t know …’

Varun Dhawan talks about his friendship with Karthik Aryan

At a recent event, Varun Dhawan dragged Karthik Aryan on stage to dance to a song from Karan’s movie Juggjug Jio.

After the differences between the two, Karthik Aryan was recently seen sharing the stage with Karan Johar for the first time. It was later revealed that Varun Dhawan had persuaded the actor ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ to ‘dance to the song of Dharma’. A few days later, Varun Dhawan was teased by his juggling Jio co-star Anil Kapoor during an interview to bring Karthik and Karan together. On this, the former clarified that he has known Karthik for a long time and has a completely different relationship with him.

“In fact, not many people know that Karthik and I have known each other for a long time. We are working out in the same gym and we have a good relationship. I have a funny equation with him and that’s why he insisted on coming on stage with me, “he told India.com.

At a recent event, Varun Dhawan dragged Karthik Aryan on stage to dance on the track in Karan’s Juggjug Jio movie. In the viral video, he was heard saying, ‘Kartik, come on, you can dance to the song of the movie Dharma’. While Karthik joined everyone on stage, he avoided dancing to the song.

Karthik was to work with Aryan Janhvi Kapoor in KJo’s Dostana 2 and the shooting of the film had already started when the actor was dropped from the film due to ‘unprofessional circumstances’. Since then, the two have become estranged. Karthik was not even invited to Karan’s 50th birthday party earlier this year. Last month, Karthik also revealed his differences with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. Asked if such an incident could affect him as he has no background in filmmaking, Karthik said, “I just focus on my work. That’s all I want to say on this. Check out my (movie) line-up (now).

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