‘Some people are shocked’

Image Mittal

Image Mittal reveals her injuries from breast cancer surgery in her latest post on Instagram

Chhavi Mittal was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months back. With her indomitable fighting spirit, the actress put on a bold face as she went for surgery and came out cancer free. She also shared her journey of gradual recovery and how anxious she was for radiotherapy. Now, the actress has shared a photo in which she is proudly seen shining her wound through surgery.

The image appears to have been part of a party where she chose a beautiful yellow dress with a low back. He had scars on his back. While sharing the photo, the actress wrote, ‘Scar. People will be seen on the body .. but people carved on the soul of the carrier will never be seen. Yesterday, I had the courage to make this point, but some people were surprised to see it. I say, if you were shocked to see it, imagine how I must have felt when you gave it to me!

He added, “But in my opinion, if a man has the courage to appreciate and appreciate a woman’s wealth, he is not a perfect man, but it is not enough courage to appreciate the efforts made to save that wealth. Some have asked me to remove these marks with a laser or something and I say never! They remind me of the battles I fought and the victories I won. Why do I want to hide the marks of this war? This would be tampering with the evidence! # Proud to be a Cancer Survivor “See the post here:

Taking notes, her fans complimented her and wrote about how inspiring she is. One fan called Nishan a ‘medal’ while another called him ‘Apratim’. Well, the images are really awesome and their congratulations on taking us all on our journey.

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