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Rules of American Girls WhatsApp Group:

❖   Please Do not fight in American girls Whatsapp group link and don’t abuse anyone in American whatsapp group.

❖   All Group Member are all reputed so maintain respect in the American WhatsApp group.

❖   Avoid to change the Group Name, icon and other information.

❖   Do not change Group Icon & Group Description.

❖   Don’t Post any irritating content in American group.

❖ We do not allow Fighting and abusing in American group.

❖   No self advertisement or promotion allowed in american group.

❖   Do not create any problem in this Group,

❖   Never Judge Anyone In The American Group.

❖   Only American girl WhatsApp we allow Group Related Messages.

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Most Asked Questions.

Q1: Is it safe to chat with a foreign girl on WhatsApp?

1- I want to say it is totally depend on the girl.
2- Because in this generation some girls thug peoples,
3- and we see many more reports about WhatsApp thug news.
4- but you can trust me i will provide you a genuine girl WhatsApp group .
5- and i will provide girls WhatsApp number.

Q2: How can talk to a girl in WhatsApp who knows me?

1- Confidance is the key factor of your personality.
2- so believe in yourself and talk to the girl on WhatsApp.
3- Because time is money if you waste it then you loose the opportunity.
4- so be confidant and talk to girl as you want.

Q3: Why Girl not replying to WhatsApp.

1- Girls always reply you late it is the actual nature of girls.
2- almost every girl’s reply late.
3- The best solution is please try to Do not give attention to the girl.
4- Girls always need attention if you do not give attention, then girls always think about you.
5- so you can easily grab this opportunity.
i hope it helps you.

Q4: How can we attract a girl for love on WhatsApp ?

1- There are many factors that likes girls.
2- Please try to maintain your personality good.
3- because girls always notice your personality.
4- personality is the key factor every girl always notices that.
5- don’t worry if you are not good looking because in this world no one is perfect.
so try to give your best.

Q5: What is a reason girls WhatsApp last seen unseen?

1- Because girl hide their last seen if you also want to hide it just follow
2- Open your WhatsApp.
3- Go to setting ,
4- Then go to Account,
5- Later open Privacy setting,
6- Then click on last seen option .
7- Choose Last seen to Nobody.

Q6: Why does a girl block you on WhatsApp?

1- There are many reasons that girl block you on WhatsApp.
2- If you say any wrong words to girl but girl not comfortable with that words then girl block you on WhatsApp.
3- some boys do not behave properly but girls dislike this type of nature so try to behave properly with girls.
4- Do not use abusing words when chatting with it is possible to girls block you on WhatsApp.
I hope it helps you.

Q7: How to change your original sound in WhatsApp into a girl sound?

1- There are many tools available on google.
2- Search google voice changer on google,
3- you will get fresh ideas on google.
4- In google translator you also get option of voice changer so you can use that.

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Did You Know.

WhatsApp is banned in so many countries. In some countries WhatsApp is banned because of some privacy reasons and other reasons.

Why WhatsApp is banned in China?

Many peoples don’t know about WhatsApp is banned in China. There is no specific reason to why WhatsApp is banned in china.

As per the investigation about the WhatsApp, the reason behind why WhatsApp banned in China? Because of privacy reason.

i hope you understand this information.


Why WhatsApp is banned in Iran?

Peoples dont know about why WhatsApp is banned in Iran? There is no Exact reason to why WhatsApp is banned in Iran.

But Investigation says that in Iran there is an alternative of WhatsApp is available that’s why Iran people don’t allow to use WhatsApp.

In which country WhatsApp is banned?

  • IRAN

Please Note That.

  1. please don’t share any murdered image or video on group.
  2. do not share any irritating content on group because it voilate group rules.
  3. Please follow Group guidelines as per given by group admin.
  4. Group admin decides the group rules.
  5. please do not download a fake version of WhatsApp.
  6. Try to maintain privacy and follow group rules.
  7. Join any group as you want from my website, but please don’t misuse of my content.

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