Free YouTube promotion,WhatsApp group for YouTube promotion.

Yeh! all my YouTube Friends, I know you are here for free YouTube channel promotion, and i also give you some additional tricks to promote your YouTube Channel.

YouTube promotion WhatsApp group link India, YouTube subscribe WhatsApp group link 2021 are present here.

We all know that the Starting 1k(Thousand) subscribers are very Important for monetizaton and also the watch time is also takes necessary part in YouTube promotion.

For the YouTube promotion and channel growing purpose YouTube WhatsApp group takes a very Important role in starting days and many new beginners applied this method.

With the help of WhatsApp, you can get free YouTube promotion and with the help of WhatsApp We also do better YouTube promotion of content.

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YouTube promotion WhatsApp group Link India.

I will try to provide one of the best WhatsApp group for YouTube promotion, and Free YouTube promotion also provides this site.

We all know that YouTube is one of the most famous platform of learning and also for earning the money.

For YouTube promotion beginners prefers to use sub4sub, Sub4Sub is the one of the best method for increasing the first 1k subscribers.

Free YouTube promotion,WhatsApp group for YouTube promotion

YouTube promotion groups helps youtubers to first 1k subscribers as soon as possible.

YouTube Promotion WhatsApp Group.

I think the combination of YouTube and WhatsApp is very best. You can not imagine that YouTube is one of the most user loving app in the world.

Here the all WhatsApp groups as you want from me, I provide One of the most famous WhatsApp YouTube promotion groups for you.

I Hope you enjoying this group check the group link before joining this groups , This group helps you to YouTube promotion of your Channel really very well.

And same in the case of WhatsApp is also one of the most user friendly app in the world but in some countries WhatsApp is banned but they have different reasons.

If you want to know why WhatsApp is banned in some countries.

   WhatsApp we use in many ways and in different conditions, and the good think about WhatsApp is it sends messages to quickly in text as well as voice form.

YouTube Promotion WhatsApp Group link.



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Youtube Group india

Important Rules for YouTube Group.

  • Join any YouTube promotion WhatsApp group as you want.
  • If you face any problem, then message to WhatsApp group admin.
  • Only Group admins can control the group.
  • You can share our WhatsApp group link as much as possible because we allow it.
  • Try to make group positive about YouTube.
  • Like, share, subscribe we allow YouTube promotion in the group
  • you can send YouTube promotion videos on groups.

Sab4Sab WhatsApp Group link.

Only my YouTube friends know the importance of first thousand subscribers and watch time. But in my website you don’t worry about that.

Sub4sub WhatsApp group link 2021 Pakistan is also available here so please check them out.

You will definitely get first thousand subscribers as soon as possible, but your dedication about gaining the subscribers is high it helps you to get maximum subscribers.

here below i give you some sab4sab WhatsApp group links if you want to complete your 1k subscribers then definitely join this WhatsApp groups for YouTube promotion.

You can share this WhatsApp group links with your friends as soon as possible for you and enjoy this groups.



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Free YouTube promotion,WhatsApp group for YouTube promotion.

Q&A on Google:

Q1: Can I get money from YouTube for making WhatsApp status video ?

  • Yes, you can absolutely make money from YouTube by making WhatsApp status video.
  • There are lots of channels available on YouTube that’s makes lots of money by making WhatsApp status video.
  • Peoples says that WhatsApp status videos do not monetize, but this is totally wrong.
  • According to YouTube policy you can monetize any channel but your channel having genuine content for your users.

Q2: How do I share a YouTube video on WhatsApp?

  • As you ask, How do I share a YouTube video on WhatsApp? follow this step.
  • First you go to video that you want to share on WhatsApp.
  • Then you see a share icon below your video.
  • later click on share button.
  • Then you see lots of option like (Copy link, WhatsApp, Instagram Etc.)
  • Click on WhatsApp share icon, and you easily share your video on WhatsApp.

Q3: How do I use YouTube on WhatsApp?

  • As per the YouTube and WhatsApp policy, you can not use YouTube on WhatsApp.
  • But if you share any video link to your friend, then your friend easily sees this video on WhatsApp and YouTube as well.
  • You can also share your YouTube videos on WhatsApp as well.
  • But you can not use proper YouTube on WhatsApp.

Q4: How do I share my YouTube channel link on WhatsApp?

  • According to the YouTube and WhatsApp strategy, you can not operate YouTube on WhatsApp.
  • If you share any video of YouTube connect to your Friends on WhatsApp, at that point your friends effectively observe this video on WhatsApp and YouTube too.
  • furthermore, you can share your YouTube recordings on WhatsApp also.

Q5: Can I upload WhatsApp videos on YouTube?

  • Yes, you can surely upload WhatsApp videos on YouTube.
  • But remember that if you upload any WhatsApp video on YouTube, then confirm that the WhatsApp video uploads on YouTube it is copyright free.
  • If your video is copyrighted, then YouTube, restrict your video on YouTube.
  • if you want to create your video copyright free, then you can change the background music.

Q6: Which is the best WhatsApp status maker app for uploading on YouTube?

  • There are lots of WhatsApp status maker app available on internet.
  • but i want to suggest you do not use this WhatsApp status maker app for uploading on YouTube because all videos present in this app is copyrighted.
  • and if you use this app and upload any videos on YouTube then the YouTube video owner give copyright strike on your channel.
  • So i suggest you do not use any WhatsApp status maker app for uploading on YouTube.

Q7: Can we use WhatsApp business to promote our YouTube channel?

  • Yes, you can use WhatsApp business for YouTube promotion.
  • If you have any business account, then you can easily use it for your YouTube video promotion.
  • Peoples are uses mostly WhatsApp business for YouTube promotion only.
  • I think you can surely use WhatsApp business for your YouTube videos promotion.

Q8: How will I can save YouTube videos on my WhatsApp status.

  • As you ask me, How will I can save YouTube videos on my WhatsApp status then follow this.
  • If you want to save or download YouTube video for WhatsApp, then you can use (y2mate) because y2mate website is specially WhatsApp video downloading website.
  • As per my recommendation, if you use this then you easily save WhatsApp video.

Q9: Is WhatsApp status created videos are monetized by YouTube?

  • as you ask, Is WhatsApp status created videos are monetized by YouTube.
  • My answer is yes, because on YouTube there are many channels present that are monetized by making WhatsApp status videos.
  • YouTube policy says that if your content is best, then your channel is definitely monetize.
  • but remember that first you complete your 1k subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.
  • if you complete these criteria, then surely your channel monetize.
YouTube Promotion WhatsApp Group

Related Questions About YouTube:

Q1- Does sub4sub from Facebook for YouTube affect monetization?

I only want to say you my YouTube friend that sub4sub does not affect monetization but note that,

If your subscribers count suddenly decreases below 1kk subscribers, then it affects monetization and your adsence account should be banned.

I recommended you please do not apply to early for monetization first you complete 2k YouTube subscribers then apply for monetization.

Q2- There is a person reaches 2 million subscriber in YouTube but still he don’t have any play buttons why ?

Yes, my friend There are many famous personality we know that do not get YouTube play button.

In YouTube There are many famous people who reaches 2M+ subscribers but its still do not have Any Play buttons.

People why some youtubers does not get YouTube play buttons the reasons is he Voilates the YouTube rules, so he does not get play buttons.

Q3- Is it possible to have 30k subscribers on YouTube without posting any content?

Yes, in this generation everything is possible there are lots of famous personality who having 30k+ subscribers, but he do not post any video.

But it is not possible for everyone, the famous youtubers when announces that they start a new channel so their subscribers subscribed them in a single day.

Q4- Can we get free YouTube subscribers trial?

If you want to get 1k subscribers, then you must follow it gives our WhatsApp group link on this page.

Yes, I definitely say you can definitely get free subscribers

Q5- I want to know that a youtuber which has 15m subscribers how much earn money from YouTube in one month?

I think this is the very common question of all the YouTube users that how much money youtubers earn in a month.

I want to say we do not decide you youtubers money per month it is depend on lots of factors.

Youtubers money per month depends on Advertise, Affiliate marketing, product promotion, mobile review and many more factors.

It is also depends on views of the videos views

So you do not decide specific that how much money youtubers earn per month.

Q6- Do fabric painting videos get more subscribers in YouTube?

Subscribers count is depend only on your Quality of content that’s you provide to your subscribers.

Fabric painting videos is one of the famous videos on YouTube if you provide best content for users, then you definitely get subscribers.

Q7- On YouTube how to make a post of choice that our subscribers want?

You ask how to make a post of choice that our subscribers want it is really simple follow my steps.

First you ask subscribers which type of content he wants.

Second read your all comments and try to solve the issue of subscribers and with the help of comment you will get the idea of your content.

Follow steps and make a post of choice that your subscribers want.

Q8- Is there any code for boosting your subscribers in YouTube?

If you want to boost your subscribers count, then follow our WhatsApp groups for getting free 1k subscribers.

I do not have any secret code but I only suggest you if you want to boost your channel then it takes sometimes.

Your one video is enough for changing your entire life and boost your channel growth.

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