USWNT fulfills Mexico Women’s World Cup dream by winning CONCACAF W Championship

MONTERE, Mexico – A ray of hope shone at Estadio Universitario on Monday as 20,522 Mexican fans battled to beat the lowest-performing team in history against the United States. For 89 minutes, everything was planned as Jamaica beat Haiti 4-0, the second Group A game of the CONCACAF W Championship was being played across the city at once and opened the door for Mexico. One goal saved a place in the FIFA Women’s World Cup playoffs El Troy feminine And the entire patch saved on home soil.

Lisbeth Oval was sent off in the 73rd minute due to a reckless challenge by Rose Lavelle, but Mexico took the lead with 10 players Diana Ordoz at night. Took the lead in the 87th minute at almost the best time. .

Christy Mavis then scored an ugly, spoiling score on a rebound from Emily Sonnett’s header, which was initially pushed from the crossbar by Mexican goalkeeper Itzel Gonzalez. As part of the brawl, several bodies fell into the trap and after a long VAR check for possible offside, even fleeting dreams of a Mexican miracle fell to the side of the road.

It was a huge victory for the United States, any good team has to work hard to win a big tournament. A 1-0 victory at home and in friendly matches can be considered ugly and unsatisfactory. In Mexico, against a home team desperate to keep their World Cup hopes alive, it was a new experience for every player on the roster – and that’s what US head coach Vlatko Andonovsky has repeatedly said. Want for your team. Endure before next year’s World Cup.

“As the atmosphere warmed up, our team’s attention was distracted. [and] Tempo, “Andonovsky said after the match. We had good control over the tempo until the atmosphere calmed down a bit. And then our players started falling into this trap. We can finish the game as we started the game, control the speed, but that’s where the inexperience comes in.

“But I’m glad we finally found a way. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t good, but to win big competitions, we know that sometimes you have to find a way. The way we can do it.,

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USWNT Shakeup for Knockout Round

Pregame brought unexpected news of a roster reshuffle for the US, which will affect the group stage in many ways. Ashley Hatch has been ruled out of Thursday’s game against Jamaica due to an injury to his left foot. He has been replaced on the roster by Sam Coffey, who was due to arrive from Montland late Monday in Monterey, where he is the breakout star as Thorns’ starting defensive midfielder.

Alex Morgan was the team’s only real number due to Hatch’s exit and the appointment of a holding midfielder in his place. Morgan was replaced by Taylor Cornick in the last minute on Monday. Cornick played in a more advanced position early in his career but was brought to his first American training camp for his outstanding performance in midfield with San Diego Waves FC.

If the US wins the CONCACAF W Championship and claims the only automatic berth at the 2024 Paris Olympics, it will once again be Morgan who will lead the rest in the Monterey Heat.

U.S. Soccer announced Monday that Emily Fox is in the Covid-19 protocol with some uncertainty. Fox is the first choice on the left for Andonowski and offers a unique ability to attack wide channels and full backs for those who like to engage and engage in central attacks.

The sonnet debuted at Fox’s place on Monday, with several full-backs Kelly O’Hara changing sides. Sonnet offers a less aggressive profile than Fox, but he is the most experienced as a 2019 World Cup winner.

Mexico’s World Cup hopes were dashed, and Vargara’s future was uncertain

At the other end of the pitch, El Troy feminine Fighting bravely against the USWNT but, after a stressful defeat, Mexico is now officially out of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. This result summarizes a very disappointing fight El Troy feminine After failing to qualify for the finals of the tournament and the 2024 Olympics, they remained bottom of Group A.

It was written on the wall for the group stage final on Monday. “Milagro” The word (miracle) was used by the Mexican media and fans before the tough fight against USWNT. While the hosts had already suffered two shocking and unexpected defeats against Jamaica and Haiti, the need for a win for Mexico to survive in the World Cup seemed unthinkable to the current winners.

Even the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl – via New Jersey – had little faith. The final Friday release of the Green Home Kit used in the Men’s World Cup this November included news that the Quetzalcoatl-inspired jersey would initially make its debut. El Troy feminine USWNT v. According to some people working behind the scenes, Concacaf W was concerned about introducing the kit in run-of-the-mill form, leading to the decision to wear a white jersey that has been used for the past few years. Gone.

The lack of divine guidance without the spiritual support of the Aztec deities, the necessary miracle never happened on the burning and then dusty pitch of Estadio Universitario, is either a sign of a local severe drought or perhaps a sign that Mexico’s World Cup hopes have been dashed. .

They were very close, he said. Led by top goalkeeper Gonzalez, who was the hero of the night, Mexico made an excellent save and thwarted the USWNT attack. With Alicia Cervantes and Gonzalez in the revised XI, as well as playing 20,522 matches for the first time in the tournament, Mexico were out of the unlisted squad for the first two group stage matches. The problem is that he didn’t make much of an offer, and the winger went straight into the red from a reckless tackle at the Oval in the 73rd minute. El Troy feminine Struggled to find the back of the net. Finally, USWNT knocked on the door, with Mavis scoring the only goal in the 89th minute.

“It’s time to look inside, learn from mistakes, but take responsibility for making the team better in the future,” Gonzalez said on the compound after the defeat. “It’s sad for some of us to admit that we missed a great opportunity.”

In the context of singles, it is uplifting for Mexico to go toe-to-toe with the Giants and prevent them from reaching a narrow conclusion, but in the case of a large Concacaf W group stage, it is not beneficial. The 1-0 defeat ended the tournament with three defeats, no goals scored and a disappointing five allowed runs. It won’t be long after the fall of Mexico coach Monica Vergara, who has been facing extreme temperatures on her own in the managerial hot seat. El Troy feminine,

After the match, Vargara said, “I am not giving up some things. Of course, my assessment will be done. “If the cycle ends here, it will be a great ride.”

What a showcase tournament should have been for the inspiring development of Mexican women’s football, El Troy feminine Fell as a pioneer Women’s football The promising generation in the country has not found a place in the World Cup.

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