Trade Grade – Ottawa Senators Get Cam Talbots When Dealing With Minnesota Wild

After Minnesota Wild re-signed Mark-Andre Fleury last week, there was a lot of speculation that the Cam Talbot could move into the trade. The Ottawa Senators replaced Netminder Philip Gustavsson with Wild Trading Talbot on Tuesday. This is the second goal deal Sense has completed in recent days, with Matt Murray trading at the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday night.

Who will come next in this? Here’s how the two GMs change:


Senator GM Pierre Dorian is shutting himself down, isn’t he? The Ottawa general manager bought winger Alex Debrinkt from the Chicago Blackhawks, took the last two seasons of Matt Murray’s contract at the Toronto Maple Leafs, retained only 25% of them and now hires Cam Talbot from Minnesota to become a skilled goalkeeper. . In his team

13-1-3 and .914 percent savings – the way Talbot closed for the Wild last season – it was not clear what the total down year was for him. Money Puck scored -0.121 more goals per 60 minutes than expected, ranking 36th among goalkeepers who have played at least 20 games. Its savings percentage (.911) and start quality (.583) also declined from 2020-21 – and was behind second-ranked Wild Team in scoring the expected goals against 5-on-5 (2.13) last season.

The senator, it should be noted, was 25th (2.66).

They may have had the right questions about defense, yet the senators did a good job here to improve the defense of their target. Think of it this way: $ 4,687,500 was sent for Matt Murray’s two-year cap and $ 3,666,667 for Cam Talbot’s one-season cap. Murray is an improvement project that has only shown a glimpse in Ottawa, while Talbot is a stable veteran who provides 29-year-old goalkeeper Anton Forsberg with a great partner who is good at both.

Philip Gustavsson can finally resolve this situation. Since 2018, senators have put them into their system. They should have good handles on the roof. If he makes an accurate guess and loses one of Talbot’s potential seasons, he gets even higher points for Ottawa.

As it stands, this is another big part of the business for Dorian. Talbot has a B-plus move since last season, but looking at all the other moving parts, we’ll complete it up to A-minus.


On the NHL draft, Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin said the NHL schedule should have two good goalposts to carry the workload. He was more important as Mark-Andre Flurry was 37 years old.

“My goal is to win. If we have Cam Talbot or Mark-Andre Fleury in the net, we have a good chance,” he said.

But on the draft itself, Talbot lost contact with the wild.

Talbot has played 49 games in Minnesota last season. On the trade deadline, Wilde sought to strengthen his network by trading Capo Kakonen for flurry from the San Jose Sharks and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Flurry performed well in 11 games of the regular season, including the Wild. Talbot was the best of the two in the week leading up to the playoffs. But three-time Stanley Cup Championship goalkeeper told him not to play after the season, so Flurry started the first five games of his series against the St. Louis Blues and dropped four goals in all three of his defeats. Talbot finally got to the crease in Game 6 – his first start in 14 days – and scored four goals in the Elimination Game defeat.

Talbot’s contract was one year away. Fleury was a free agent … until Guerin signed him to a two-year contract with a salary of $ 3.5 million in both seasons. Talbot’s contract limit for the upcoming season is $ 3,666,667, but his salary is only $ 3 million in 2022-23.

As a result, Talbot was earning less than its counterpart, and playing time, especially in the playoffs, was significantly shorter. His agent, George Bezos, told The Athletic that he had met with Wild GM Bill Guerin on a draft of what it meant to bring back Fleury and Talbot. “We both played our part,” Bezos said. Billy has a lot to think about. “

Guerin could not believe he had anything to think about and later announced that Talbot and Fleury would be his goalkeepers next season.

“He’s under contract,” Guerin said. “He’s a good boy. I won’t do much. Hey, my feelings as a player have been hurt.”

Four days later, Talbot traded in Ottawa.

Guerin told reporters Tuesday that he knew in his gut that the return of Talbot would not work after this dustup, so they sent him out. “There’s nothing like drama and debate,” Guerin said.

No longer an experienced partner for Fleury.

Guerin is looking to back Gustavson Fleury this season. The newest wild goalkeeper played 27 NHL games in two seasons, 10-13-3 with a .905 saving percentage. Looking at the current target market, they play a similar role in the regular season, keeping an eye out for potential upgrades for the season if this tandem isn’t clicking. But given Flurry’s age, it’s not appropriate for such an inexperienced person to run hot and cold.

The thing that prevents you from getting into D grade is the condition of the cap. Wilde saved व्यवहार 2,879,167 in transactions and gave them $ 4.3 million just north of the free space. This may be enough to get experienced scoring help in the free agent market. And the optimistic Jasper was waiting in the Wolstead wing, yet it was Talbot’s last ride with Wild.

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