Trade Grade – Carolina Hurricanes Get Brent Burns Dealing with San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks selected Carolina forward Steven Lorentz, AHL goalkeeper Etu McKinney and defender Brent Burns and AHL forward Lane Pedersen for the third round with conditional 2023. The Sharks retained 34 percent of Burns’ cap hits.

Who will come next? Here’s how the two GMs change:


The process began with Doggie Hamilton. In the summer of 2021 the right-wing defender was a free agent. The storm won’t pay much to keep him. So he went for the New Jersey Devils and the 9 million average annual value free agent deal. To replace him, he turns to Tony Diangelo, who was arrested by the New York Rangers for behavioral problems. They gave him 51 points in 64 games, signed him to ten million and then sent him to the Philadelphia Flyers for three draft picks. He signed her to an annual contract worth $ 5 million.

Now the storm was again without a right wing defender. He was linked to free agent John Klingberg. But if Hurricanes want an experienced right-wing offensive defender who doesn’t play as defensively these days, why not choose someone more offensive than John Klingberg? Will it cost less and less for the season?

Enter Brent Burns.

Keynes Burns earned 5.28 million AAV for three seasons. That’s all Diegelo got from the passengers. Real money earned $ 6.5 million in 2022-23 and $ 5 million each over the next two seasons. Financially, this is a strong move.

In fact, Klingberg’s per-game average (1.67) was a little better than Burns’ (1.43) in all conditions over the past few seasons. The moment Shark landed as a rival, Burns’ game fell with him. But look at their 2021-22 campaign: 82 games, 54 points, 203 shots on target. A pulse. Heartbeat

When notified – and Burns said he would be excited again as he chased the Stanley Cup and played in a field environment he had always admired – the defender was still an offensive force. He plays for a few minutes. He is one of the best shot-generating defenders in NHL history and has the ability to take shots as a powerplay quarterback. It also makes an excellent outlet pass.

He is not a one-time defender since he won the Norris Trophy in 2017. But his dedication to fitness is 37 years old. For the third round of Lorentz, Makinimi and Conditional 2023 and taking a third of the Shark tab, this is a great move.


The return for Burns is underlined, but nothing will happen unless it is outlined. Burns is 37 years old. Its cap hit is $ 8 million. He has professional security and has to accept a contract with Storm. The fact that novice GM Mike Greer has found a way to get any high-paid defender out of the shark cap on the team is a victory.

Like former interim GM Joe Will, Greer himself told Burns how he helped him in the process as a former player. Eric Carlson has capped 11.5 million with a full no-move clause until 2027. Mark-Eduard Vlasic has 7 million cap hits by 2026 with a complete no-move clause. Burns had less trade protection and more value. He goes

In the end, former GM Doug Wilson’s grand plan to keep Carlson and Burns on the same team would be considered a failure. Yes, he helped the Sharks reach the 2019 conference finals. He hasn’t made the playoffs since, and after Carlson was injured and Burns started, the 19 million cap space didn’t allow him to take the steps he needed to stay competitive. Refuse (who is the real albatross of this trio, don’t even start on Vlasic).

The Sharks are allowed to bring Burns ’hat down to 2.72 million for the next three seasons. The return is not good. But the move, while extended, is a victory.

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