Patrick Mahoms approves of Course Light… No, not Beer

The roses are red. The mountains are blue. Patrick Mahomes found a way around the NFL’s beer support rules and that too for a good cause.

On Wednesday, Kansas City Chief Quarterback took to Twitter to share an ad for Course Lite. However, the product in question was not an adult drink. Instead, four times Pro Bowler, two times All-Pro and Super Bowl LIV MVP was promoting “The Course Light” – a flashlight that “looks great like Rocky Mountain”.

Under league rules, NFL players cannot directly support alcoholic beverages. It’s quite common for retired players and coaches to pitch us on their favorite beer, but Mahoms had to be creative to partner with Course Light. An interesting place to find “quality flashlights”.

All payments for the $ 15 Flashlight – which was listed as “out of stock” on website – within four hours of Mahomes being advertised live – will benefit Quarterback 15 and the Mahomes Foundation, which is the goal of life. Needs to be improved. . Children

Aside from the NFL’s tough stance on players who don’t directly approve of beer, there’s only one official beer (and hard selts) sponsor for the entire league: Bud Light. This could help explain why Washington commanders failed to partner with quarterback Taylor Heineke Heineken.

In addition to “The Course Light”, Mahoms has a long list of ads ranging from Hunts Ketchup to Essence Water, which he can promote without the help of a large steel flashlight.

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