Tottenham Premier League matches complete: Conte visits Southampton on first day of Chelsea’s tour

Tottenham Premier League matches complete: Conte visits Southampton on first day of Chelsea's tour

The Spurs will be looking to avenge their opening match on August 6 after Southampton won 3-2 with two goals in three minutes in the exact match last February.

Spurs’ poor form before securing Champions League football triggered a three-match losing streak in four league games, a win perhaps a surprise for Manchester City.

While Ralph Hassenhatl’s side may have to face a tough test, the next match will be an even tougher challenge as Thomas Tuchel’s visit to Chelsea for Tottenham’s first season of the season for the London derby.

Premier League champions City will visit on 10 September, but all eyes will be on 1 October when the Spurs visit Arsenal for the first time in a campaign between rivals in north London.

Conte’s side had to face a challenging final in April when they hosted Manchester United ahead of a away match against Liverpool, while Tottenham will end their top-flight season at Leeds United.

Tottenham 2022-23 Premier League full matches:

Date Opponents (at home or away)
06/08/2022 Southampton (HK)
13/08/2022 Chelsea (A)
20/08/2022 Tottenham (H)
27/08/2022 Nottingham Forest (A)
30/08/2022 West Ham (A)
03/09/2022 Fulham (H)
10/09/2022 Manchester City (A)
17/09/2022 Leicester City (HK)
01/10/2022 Arsenal (A)
08/10/2022 Brighton and Hove Albion (A)
15/10/2022 Everton (H)
19/10/2022 Manchester United (A)
22/10/2022 Newcastle United (HK)
29/10/2022 Bournemouth (A)
05/11/2022 Liverpool (HK)
12/11/2022 Leeds United (HK)
26/12/2022 Brentford (A)
31/12/2022 Aston Villa (H)
02/01/2023 Crystal Palace (A)
14/01/2023 Arsenal (H)
21/01/2023 Fulham (A)
04/02/2023 Manchester City (HK)
11/02/2023 Leicester City (A)
18/02/2023 West Ham (H)
25/02/2023 Chelsea (H)
04/03/2023 Wolf (A)
11/03/2023 Nottingham Forest (H)
18/03/2023 Southampton (A)
01/04/2023 Everton (A)
08/04/2023 Brighton and Hove Albion (HK)
15/04/2023 Bournemouth (HK)
22/04/2023 Newcastle United (A)
25/04/2023 Manchester United (HK)
29/04/2023 Liverpool (A)
06/05/2023 Crystal Palace (H)
13/05/2023 Aston Villa (A)
20/05/2023 Brentford (H)
28/05/2023 Leeds United (A)
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