‘A lot of new things are going to happen’

Shraddha Arya talks about joining Shakti Arora Kundli Bhagya after Dheeraj Dhupar (Photo: Instagram)

Shraddha talks about the show’s storyline and reveals that there will be many new twists after the leap.

Dheeraj Dhupar, who plays Karan Luthra in Kundli Bhagya, has left the show. She has been replaced by Shakti Arora. While fans are already remembering Dheeraj as Karan, Shraddha Arya recently revealed about it and said that she is sure that Shakti will do ‘fab work’.

“Shakti is a good friend. He is a very famous actor. I am sure he is going to do an amazing job,” Shraddha told Bollywood Spy.

Shraddha also shared the storyline of the show and revealed that there will be many new twists and turns after Leap. “The leap is happening and a lot of new things are going to happen. There are a lot of changes in the story. The audience had been saying for days that the story was not moving forward, so now it has moved on five years later. So, I hope they like it, “she said.

On Wednesday, Dheeraj took to his Instagram stories and shared a glimpse of how the Kundli Bhagya team decorated his vanity and planned a small surprise for him. In the clip, the actor’s vanity was adorned with gold and white balloons and ribbons. His pictures were everywhere. Phrases like ‘Ceep calm we remember Dheeraj sir’ and ‘Miss you Dheeraj’ were also thrown in the vanity. While sharing the video, Dheeraj has written ‘Blessed’ in the caption with red heart emoji.

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Earlier this month, Dheeraj also spoke about getting out of the horoscope fortune and how Karan and Dheeraj have become almost identical in the last few years. “I still can’t believe I’m no longer part of the horoscope. Emotions have not diminished yet. Karan and Dheeraj are the same and so I can’t separate from Karan. I am saying goodbye to KB with a heavy heart, but as I said, this is the right time for the show and for me to start a new journey, “he told e-Times.

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