Stephen Curry says Charles Barclay will not make it to the top 70 of the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament

Better believes that Charles Barkley relies on his best performance at the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament. Stephen Curry disagrees.

Caesars Sportsbook is offering Barclays a top 70 spot this week at the 87-golfer field in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Barclays finished 76th last season, their best performance in the competition, which they participate in every year.

“No, not hell,” Curry said at a news conference Thursday when asked about Barclays’ chances of becoming in the top 70. “Clip it, send it, let it play on every tee box. There’s no way to do it.”

Better has more faith in Barclays. Kaiser Sportsbook opened Barclays 5-1 as the Underdogs and placed in the top 70. As of Thursday, Barclays ’chances had risen to +260, with 96% bet on funding and support from the NBA Hall of Famer. In the top 70.

Kaiser is the biggest bet in the celebrity tournament starting on Friday, with Barclays earning $ 2,000 in the top 70.

Tony Romo, a CBS analyst and former NFL quarterback who loves to win tournaments, said Barclays impressed him during a recent practice session on the driving range.

“He hit the ball really well,” Romeo said Thursday. “And he improved a lot last year, I thought. I bet he’s in the top 70.”

Romeo is 3-1 favorite in the Caesars Sportsbook, followed by former tennis pro Mardi Gras 7-2. Former Major League Baseball pitcher John Smoltz is 9-2. The winner, Winnie Del Negro, who beat Smoltz in the playoffs last year to win the tournament, is 7-1.

Former LPGA star Annika Sorenstam (17-2) has earned the most bets and the most money on Kaiser Sportsbook.

Stephen Curry is 12-1. His father Dale Curry is 85-1 and brother Seth Curry is 500-1.

At 7,500-1, Barclays made 10 bets to win the tournament, the biggest of which was 10.

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