Star forward Claude Giroux, 34, signs three-year deal with Ottawa senators

Star forward Claude Giroux on Tuesday signed a three-year free-agent agreement with the Ottawa Senators.

Giroux, 34, will earn $ 6.5 million a year on the salary range. The senator has been associated with Giroux for several months, as he lived in the city as a teenager and played minor hockey in the area.

The most notable name for changing teams on the NHL trading deadline, Giroux sits well in the Florida Panthers after the emotional trade of the Philadelphia Flyers, where he was captain for a long time.

Giroux, who averaged 18:33 on the ice in 18 regular-season games for the Panthers, had three goals and 23 points, worked on both the first and second lines, and all the pieces looked in place for high-powered Florida. – Winners of the President’s Trophy for the most points in the regular season – In the Eastern Conference finals, if not more, for an enchanting run.

But after bidding farewell to the Washington Capitals in six games in Round 1, the Panthers hit a wall in the form of the Tampa Bay Lightning, which swept the No. 1 seed just outside the post-season in Round 2. Florida scored just three goals throughout the series. In the overall playoffs, in 10 games, Giroux scored three goals and eight points and was easily one of the Panthers in their Round 1 victory.

He has missed a step in terms of skating, but is still one of the best players in the league to maintain attack-zone time and knock out opponents. And with a solid, full season in 2022-23, on the right team, he should have a chance to score 1,000 points for the rest of his career (923) and secure a title that has probably not been won in his entire career. Given.

“I came to Florida to win the trophy,” Giroux said of the team’s final media availability after losing to Lightning. “Obviously, we couldn’t do that. But at the same time, I think we also learned a lot from the Washington series and the Tampa series. Let’s see how it goes next month. “

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