Sathyaraj is impressed by the mimicry of comedian Amutha Vanan

Amutha appealed to all to recognize the work of comedians and treat them with respect.

Amutha said that during his long career of 15 years, he imitated Sathyaraj many times.

The Tamil comedy reality show Kalakka Povadhu Yaru Champions, popularly known as KPY Champions 2017 premiered on Vijay TV in 2017 and completed 3 successful seasons. These popular comedians show up to compete with each other. In a recent promo, comedian Amutha Vanan is seen mimicking Bahubali fame Sathyaraj in the presence of famous actor. The episode airs January 19th.

In this episode, Amutha played the role of Sathyaraj in the film Amaidhi Padai. Aamaidhi Padai was a superhit Tamil film starring Sathyaraj, released in 1994. The promo video begins with Amutha saluting everyone in the trademark style of a politician portrayed by Sathyaraj in the film. Sathyaraj did not smile when he saw how carefully Amutha imitated his behavior and speech. Amutha kept on giving humorous dialogues to entertain the audience.

After completing her act, an emotional moment came when Amutha took off her wig and thanked Sathyaraj heartily. Amutha said that she has imitated famous actor many times in her 15 year career. According to Amutha, this is the first time he has met Sathyaraj. Amutha cried and said that the life of a comedian is not easy. He said that comedians have to struggle a lot to make a name for themselves in the field of entertainment.

Amutha appealed to all to recognize the work of comedians and treat them with respect. Seeing Amuta expressing her feelings, the judge also became emotional.

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Satyaraj said happily, I would love to do mimicry like Amutha. Amutha was happy and accepted Sathyaraj with folded hands.

The audience is happy to see that an experienced actor like Sathyaraj has appreciated Amutha. They are eager to see the full episode airing on Sunday, June 19 at 13:30 p.m.

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