Samantha gets goosebumps after reading Yashoda’s script, says no to body doubles: Director duo Hari-Harish

Last Updated: 12 July 2022, 13:35 IST

Samantha Ruth will be seen in Yashoda directed by Lord Hari-Harisho

Director-duo Hari and Harish Samantha, who have starred in Tamil films, are all set to make their Telugu debut in Ruth Prabhu’s Yashoda.

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has many interesting projects of which Yashoda is one. In a recent interview, director-duo Hari Shankar and Harish Narayan talked about working with the actress and her high-octane action film. Speaking to Pinkvilla, the duo said they have all the recognition and awards, but they want to reach the mainstream audience and bring something different. This forced him to take a two-year break after the last film and spent that time in the film Yashoda.

Hari and Harish, who have worked mainly in the Tamil film industry, are all set to make their Telugu debut with Samantha’s Yashoda. Speaking about the actress’ first reaction to reading the script, she told the publication, “We wanted to approach a star who could understand different stories, to meet the expectations of the mainstream audience. Also professional. We wanted to find someone who could do well and have the same stardom The choice was Samantha and fortunately, within 25 minutes of the first visit, she said yes.

He further said that after the story ended, Samantha said that her hair was growing. He further revealed that the actress refused to take any help for the fight scene. “The main action part of the film is shot on set. For the fight sequence, Sam had to go there for 2 or 3 days of rehearsals… she wanted to do all the scenes herself. He completely rejected body doubles, and in some scenes where a rope is needed for safety, he did it himself. She was really enjoying it. “

In addition to Yashoda, Samantha Vijay will be seen in Ruth Prabhu Kushi with Devarakonda. She will also be seen in Shakuntalam.

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