‘Ramayana’ star Deepika Chikhalia shares throwback photo, internet calls her “infinite beauty”



Deepika Chikhalia has shared photos on her Instagram.

Deepika Chikhalia, who is known for her role as ‘Sita’ in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, has shared some of her throwback photos on Instagram, which are making waves on the internet. Ms. Chikhalia has acted in many Hindi films including Patthar, Gal, Bhagwan Dada and Ghar Sansar. She has created her own fan following with her acting and is sharing charming glimpses of her personal life on her Instagram handle.

In the first photo she looks so beautiful in subtle makeup. The second picture looks like a scene from a movie in which she appears in a black saree with short hair with red stripes.

These photos were shared a week ago, but are now making headlines on social media. This post has been liked by more than 4,600 Instagram users and many of them have made beautiful comments.

One user wrote, “Wow … beautiful … and memorable moments. Very beautiful.” “I’m so cute. I can’t take my eyes off you,” said another.

A third user called her ‘infinite beauty’.

Deepika Chikhalia is married to Hemant Topiwala. Her engagement took place on Mr. Topiwala’s birthday in 1991, when they finally met and had a two-hour conversation, which was enough for them to pick up the wedding phone.

She said this on her Instagram handle a few years ago: “Finally, we met on April 28, 1991, through a family friend and it so happened that we spent 2 hours chatting and immediately made our decision and we both left. Returned home and announced that we had found our life partner. On my birthday on April 29 (Gol-Dhan or Roka) we did a little work. Later that year we got married. The rest is history. “

Mr. Topiwala owns Shingar Bindi and Tips and Toe Cosmetics. Deepika Chikhalia and Hemant Topiwala are the parents of Juhi and Nidhi.

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