Orioles chairman and CEO John Angelos has disputed allegations that the team moved, saying the franchise Baltimore would “never leave”.

The Orioles will “never leave” the city of Baltimore.

That’s according to John Angelos, the team’s president and chief executive officer, who made the announcement in a strong statement on Monday in the midst of a family legal battle.

On Thursday, Luis Angelos filed a lawsuit alleging that his brother John was trying to take over the team and move the franchise to Tennessee, where the CEO lives with his wife, Margaret Valentine, a singer. -The lyricist who is Nashville-based. Entertainment company. ,

But John Angelos has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning his brother’s case have been made more than once.

“My mother was born and raised in northeastern Baltimore,” he said of Georgia Angelos, who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. “… And I have worked with my father all my life to help the city, including restoring the club to local ownership and preventing its transfer. For them, for me, the Orioles will always play at Oriol Park and we never thought of separating. “

In a statement, John Angelos noted that the Maryland General Assembly recently approved a bill allocating $ 1.2 billion for the reinstatement and redevelopment of the Camden Yards Sports Complex, which includes Oriol Park, and that commitment to Orioles in Maryland.

“There’s nothing uncertain about the future of the Baltimore Orioles,” Angelos said. “I want to reassure our Orioles players and coaches, our dedicated front office senior leadership team and staff, and our dedicated fans, loyal partners, elected, civic and nonprofit leaders, and our entire community that the Orioles will never leave 33rd Street. . The prestigious team from Camden Yards to Camden Yards, Birds of Baltimore, Brooks, Earl, Jim, Frank, Cal and Eddie will live permanently in the city where our family and our partnership group have called, or will ever call home. Wonderful city and birthplace of our national anthem, of which we have always been proud and for which we have always been committed. “

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