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Shatrughan Sinha’s son Love Sinha has become the latest celebrity to comment on the arrest of veteran actor Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhant Kapoor for allegedly taking drugs at a party in Bangalore.

Love took to Twitter and wrote in a source, “I will not comment on #SiddhantKpoor, but I want to know if our esteemed officers are so skilled if they want to trust us, then there will be no drunkenness among the elite. How to use drugs for deprived, young people. It’s growing and it’s very easy to buy. “

Asking the authorities to “expose a person’s arrest” and show that they are “actually doing their job rather than doing it”, he said, “I am against drug use, but the decay in the judiciary is clear. The situation will not improve.”

Love focused on arresting drug manufacturers and dealers rather than just users, who could be “addicted to substances that could have a negative effect on their lives.”

Siddhant was arrested on charges of taking drugs at a party at a hotel on MG Road. Samples of people suspected of drug use were sent for medical examination. The six samples that tested positive include theory. Shakti also commented on the matter, saying she still needed to talk to her son and that the news “could not be true.”




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