One Championship: Zeba Bano is excited that more Indians have embraced mixed martial arts

But in the grand scheme of things, the Indian rival achieved a more significant victory by helping his compatriots become more receptive to mixed martial arts.

“Where I live, people don’t like sports because it involves wearing shorts and exercising with the kids,” Bano said. “The way people look at me has changed a lot.”

Despite the defeat, he was hailed as a hero when he returned to his village. Among those who joined the festivities were the Deputy Superintendent of Police and members of the Legislative Assembly.

Although her match against Wondergirl lasted only one round, her whimsical result made her the winner in the eyes of the people she represented.

“I never thought that such a moment would come in my life. I saw it only for others. I always wonder if such a moment will ever come to me, “she said.

ONE 159: Zeba Bano vows to do her best against Lee Bevins

“They took me around my Amethi village in an open-top vehicle. It lasted four to five days and there were a lot of people there. People were happy that someone, especially a Muslim girl from our district, made a monster. Platform like ONE. It’s a big deal for everyone. “

With more people adopting MMA, parents now want Bano to train their children. The game can be challenging in nature and the results are not always favorable. But there is nothing to fear as it will pave the way for the next wave of Indian MMA fighters. However, he hoped that the help from the government would help the discipline to grow faster.

“They want to send their little girls for training. I was in our village for eight days and almost every day someone would say, ‘We also want to teach our children martial arts. Please give us some suggestions, ”said the 23-year-old contestant.

“I was watching people get excited about MMA. The future belongs to MMA. I would also like to appeal to our government to promote MMA, so that those who do not know about the game will know about it.

Although it will take time to develop the next breed of Indian fighters, Bano will face ONE 159: De Ridder Vs. BigDash will have a chance to make a comeback when they face Lee Bevins on the lead card. This time, he hopes the victory will make his fellow citizens even more proud.

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