Nikamma actor Abhimanyu Dasani, former national level handball player, visits Indian women’s junior team

The useless actor, Abhimanyu Dasani is not only one of the most deserving stars of the generation but also a source of inspiration for the youth. As a former national level player of handball, Abhimanyu Dasani visited the Indian handball team on Thursday evening as the Indian women’s junior team prepares to leave for Greece after qualifying for the World Championships for the first time, which made history.

In March 2022, the Indian women’s junior team won a gold medal at the Asian Women’s Junior Championships in Kazakhstan and entered the World Championships in Greece from 14 to 19 June.

As a former handball player, Abhimanyu Dasani visited the team and congratulated the team and gave support and inspiration to the team before leaving for the championship. Abhimanyu met the team at Juhu Beach during the practice session on Thursday evening.

Abhimanyu Dasani shared, “This is a moment of great pride for India as the Indian women’s junior team is preparing to represent the nation on the world stage for the first time and is making history. Victory inspires you to do better, as I have always been an important supporter of the game. As a handball player myself, I am very excited about India’s performance in the World Championships.

Bad actor Abhimanyu Dasani visits Indian women’s junior softball team

Very few people know about Abhimanyu’s inspirational fitness journey from fat to fit. Being a chubby boy in school, Abhimanyu tried his hand at sports after 10th standard, not only in sports like handball, football and running but also emerged as Athlete of the Year in his school.

Continuing his fitness journey, Abhimanyu Dasani impressed the audience with martial arts in his very first film and learned Krav Maga for his upcoming film Nikma.

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