NFL odds: Total best bets over / down win for each team in NFC East

Nothing says football is back, like the official release of next season’s schedule!

And now we all know the dates NFL Fox Island, the regular season matchup for 2022, has announced the winning totals for each team. Friends, we don’t just have a full schedule for getting excited, but here it is Fox IslandNow you can bet on the winning total.

Our Expert Betting Analysts – Geoff Schwartz, Sam Panayotovich And Jason McIntyre – Analyze this year’s slate and find out how gamblers bet on the winning sum of each team in each division!

Let’s look at NFC East.

The Dallas Cowboys won the division in 2021 with their 12-5 regular season record. Despite losing to the 49ers in the Wild Card Round, Dallas has set the price, with 12 wins in 2020 on the back of an injury to Dack Prescott. Like the Cowboys, the Eagles won the post-season spot and lost their wild card game. However, Philadelphia won three fewer games than rival Dallas, a 9-8 straight record that was slightly higher than .500.

The Washington football team-commanders and veterans filled the NFC East bottom half last season. With a record of 7-10 and 4-13 in 2021, respectively, it is clear why their projected wins for 2022 totaled 7.5 and 6.5.

The best wins here from our experts are Total Islands Courtesy of Fox Island Prospect,

10.5 to win Dallas Cowboys On Fox Island

Jason’s choice Down, -110 (Bet $ 10 to win a total of .0 19.09)

The rest of the NFC pre-improvement – especially Philadelphia – and the Cowboys probably lost six Starters Division winners. Do we believe Dallas will win 11 games?

The Cowboys’ 2021 season was incredible when they were leading in NFC Point Differential (+172).

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But he benefited greatly from the turnover, topping the NFL with a plus-14 turnover margin and leading the league in interceptions with 26. These numbers will not be duplicated year after year, meaning regression is coming.

And led NFL points (530) last season with mighty cowboy offense, Michael Gallup He is unlikely to return from ACL surgery before Halloween and loses amri cooper And Cedric Wilson. Week 1 will see two new beginnings and possibly four defenses on the offensive route. The only saving grace for the Cowboys is a compelling schedule that includes non-division games against teams with the least anticipated wins in football. Detroit, Chicago, Houston And JacksonvilleDallas had won the division 6-0 last season and will have to move 5-1 in the division to reach the overs this year.

In the last 25 years, the Cowboys have never produced a single season with double-digit victories. Let’s face it – most franchises don’t have much success.

9.5 to win Philadelphia Eagles On Fox Island

Geoff’s choice On, -125 (Bet 10 to win a total of 18)

I’m sure he’ll be a popular supervisor this season, but since Chip Kelly is the Eagles head coach in his second season, I’ll take the Eagles to win 10 games for the second time.

The eagle has tied the cock inside; They have excellent offensive and defensive lines. Philly added Georgia’s Jordan Davis in the first round, stole another offensive lineman in the second round, and then possibly drafted Georgia linebacker Nakobe Dean. Then in the first round of 2021, he worked with Devonta Smith to help quarterback Jalen Harts during a trade draft with AJ Brown.

As always, with the sum of the team’s victories, the question of playing quarterbacks is important. Jalen Hurts has room to improve and he will probably never go high, but he plays enough in every game to keep you excited about the 2022 Eagles season.

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I like to play on costumes called “get it” and the Eagles definitely do.

Give me his over.

7.5 to win Washington Commander On Fox Island

Geoff’s choice Down, -118 (Bet 10 to win a total of .4 18.47)

I don’t trust the new commanders quarterback, Carson Wentz, and in every attempt, I will make Washington yellow because of him.

Carson Wentz has not played consistently well since his 2017 off-season. According to Pro Football Focus’ quarterback passing grade, Ventz has not been ranked 13th (both in 2018 and 2019) since the 2017 season. Of more concern to me is his leadership which seems to be questionable during his tenure with both teams.

The Colts left Wentz early after just one season, and if you see the quarterback inspiring the team as a rock-solid leader, that won’t happen. Now he has moved to Washington, an organization that is more volatile than both Eagle and Colt.

Washington is considered a defense-first team – a team that wants to use its offense as a complement to the defense game. While Washington finished 27th last season and I hope to improve this season, I’m not sure the defense is good enough for Carson’s business.

In the NFC East where commanders play, both the Eagles and Giants have improved and the Cowboys have improved in almost every position. Finally, there are rumors that Washington stud receiver Terry McLorin wants to trade.

Take it down

6.5 wins New York Giants On Fox Island

Sammy P’s picks On, -133 (10 bets to win 17.52)

Many NFL quarterbacks couldn’t be happier than New York’s Daniel Jones.

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After years of poor training and game calling, Jones needs to thrive under new head coach Brian Double. The former Bills offensive coordinator changed Buffalo’s offense from the 30th best (269 points) in 2018 to the second best (501) in 2020 and the third best (483) in 2021.

Of course, Josh Allen’s climb in the league’s best quarterback helped move the mountains, but Allen’s double ability to succeed cannot be underestimated.

I can’t wait to see how Dabol and offensive organizers Mike Kafka use Saxon Barkley, Kenny Golade, Sterling Shepard and Cadarius Tony. If all those offensive weapons can stay healthy, this team will surprise people and exceed expectations.

It was also a big thing for Kevin Thibodeaux and Evan Neil to get a place in the first round. New York made the undisputed best objection And The defensive lineman in the class and both players should have an immediate effect in the ditch.

Most American sportsbooks o / u 7 or 7.5 regular season with Vince the Giants, so the chances of getting to 6.5 on Fox Island are very strong, even if I don’t like to drink it all on Juice-133.

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