New York Mets’ Chris Bassit says Major League Baseball should ‘stop testing’ for COVID-19

NEW YORK – New York Mets pitcher Chris Basit said Thursday that if he develops symptoms of COVID-19 in the future, he “probably” won’t report to team and Major League Baseball officials, and the MLB will “just stop testing.” Should be given. . “

Basit was placed on the Covid-19 list on July 1 after complaints of sluggishness from team officials. The right-handed batsman missed a scheduled start against Texas last Friday and rejoined the team on Thursday.

“I probably won’t (again),” Basit said before the first match of the Mets series against the Miami Marlins. “There’s no way. There’s no reason.”

Basit claimed he had no symptoms.

“Just stop testing. Behaving like Kovid is a lot worse than anything else,” he said. “I’ve never been sick.”

He said that under the MLB protocol, a positive test could mean an ongoing test in which a player without symptoms is excluded for an extended period of time.

“I think the answer is that I should never have said anything,” he said.

Bassitt explained that she took the test herself after feeling sluggish about having a daughter.

“If I could be a little safer, I would. I took my test. It was positive. So I basically had the option to tell them so I could protect my teammates or not say anything and risk my teammates. I never saw symptoms. “I was completely cured the next day. I haven’t had any symptoms since then,” he said.

Bassett (6-5, 4.01 ERA), which the Mets bought in an off-season trade with Auckland, is set to begin on Friday.

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