MLB Announces All-Star Game Starters

In? Shohe Ohtani.

Out? Jordan Alvarez.

The lineup begins with the hitters set for the July 19 All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium, at least in the American League.

Left-arm slugger Alvarez, for the Astros, is leading in the major leagues and slugging percentage in the OPS, leading the way in Friday’s action with 26 home runs, .312 / .410 / .665, but Ohtani, the two-the-star of the Angels, knocked. He was eliminated in the second round of fan voting to get his second starting assignment in the All-Star Game. Last year, Ohtani did it as AL’s starting pitcher.

After the first round of voting, each seat was reduced to two finalists and a new round of voting began. Ohtani garnered 48% of the vote for Alvarez, who will undoubtedly be named a reserve when the rest of the team is announced on Sunday.

Ohtani has .257 runs with 18 home runs, but his pitching numbers are even better: 2.44 ERA and 8-4 with 111 strikes in 81 innings. In his last four years, he has not scored a single run in 40 overs in 26 2/3 innings. Despite another disappointing season from the Angels, Ohtani has a chance to win his second consecutive MVP award due to his bilateral performance.

His Angels teammate Mike Trout finished 10th in his career. He will join the Yankees Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in the AL outfield. Judge is leading the Major with 30 home runs and 65 runs, while Stanton has 21 home runs. This is the fourth all-star selection for the judges and the fifth for Stanton.

The Astros’ Jose Altuve earned his eighth All-Star pick and fifth starting assignment on the second baseman, while Rafael Davers defeated Jose Ramirez on the third base in a two-player battle with the MVP-caliber season.

Blue Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk is the first starter for AL.

In the National League, the closest race was to the third base, where Padres ‘Manny Machado defeated the Cardinals’ Nolan Arenado by 49% with 51% of the vote. The Dodgers Tree Turner defeated Dansby Swanson of the Braves by 52% to 48%, shortstop was also a close vote.

Bryce Harper was voted as the starting DH, but due to injury he will have to be replaced.

Marlins’ second baseman Jazz Chishom Jr. will be an all-star for the first time.

Beginning of each league:

American League

C: Alejandro Kirk, Blue Jess (first pick): 74% to 26% on Jose Trevino

1b: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Blue Jess (second choice): 66% to 34% on tie France

2b: Jose Altuv, Astros (8th pick): 57% to 43% on Santiago Espinol

SS: Tim Anderson, White Sox (second choice): 55% to 45% on Bow Beachet

3B: Rafael Devers, Red Sox (second choice): 60% to 40% on Jose Ramirez

Off: Aaron Judge, Yankees (4th Selection): Automatic Selection as Major Voter

Off: Mike Trout, Angels (10th selection) and Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees, 5th selection: George Springer and Lord’s Guerrilla Jr.

DH: Shohei Ohtani, Angels (second choice): 48% to 52% on Yordan Alvarez

National League

C: Wilson Contreras, Cubs (3rd Selection): 65% to 35% on Travis D’Arnaud

1b: Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals (8th pick): Pete Alonsover 67% to 33%

2b: Jazz Chisholm Jr., Marlins (first choice): 59% to 41% on OG Albies

SS: Tree Turner, Dodgers (second choice): 52% to 48% on Dansby Swanson

3B: Manny Machado, Padres (6th pick): 51% to 49% on Nolan Arenado

Off: Ronald Aqua Jr., Braves (third choice): Automated starter as leading voter

Off: Mookie Bates, Dodgers (6th pick) and Jock Pederson, Giants (2nd pick): Starling Marte and Adam Duval

DH: Bryce Harper, Phillies (seventh choice): 59% to 41% on William Contreras

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