Germany clinches Euro title with a big win over Denmark, ousting old monsters

LONDON – Germany are the most successful team at the European Championships, having won eight titles with six straight crowns. In the semi-finals, the search for seventh place in the 2017 edition ended in the hands of an unknown Danish team.

So when both sides joined in their Group B opener at Brentford Community Stadium on Friday, Germany’s sense of inevitability changed – with a 4-0 win over a young Danish team.

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Two things came to the fore about that memorable match of 2017, the first was that it rained in Rotterdam on the day the match was to take place. The second result – after a 24-hour rain delay as the pitch was dry – Denmark won 2-1.

The defeat was a big blow for Germany, with perennial favorite players out of the tournament in their own shadow. In 1993, they only failed to win the Euro and the championship in which they participated, and yet the host Italy was fined for disqualifying the European powerhouse from the competition.

The defeat was also the last start for manager Steffi Jones, who was eventually replaced by her former international teammate Martina Vos-Teklenberg. And with the Vos-Teklenberg team’s poor result in the tournament, Germany took their biggest revenge on the team that illegally expelled them five years ago.

As Germany’s strength shifted to defense and attack, the rhythm and flow in their game, which had not been there in the past few years, returned with a bang. Germany’s overtaking in the middle of the pitch completely upset Dane’s balance and left thousands of his fans exhausted on the stand.

The German press started early as they began to rotate the screws continuously, hitting the woodwork three times in the initial exchange. But when the other German sides gave up and agreed that their night would not come, the squad continued. Continuing to overload the Danish half of the pitch, Lena Magul found the opener when the ball bounced off Stein Blisser’s ball to chase the Bayern Munich midfielder and hit the goalkeeper Lee Christensen and his close post.

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Germany could be overlooked at half time, but the game remained delicately balanced. With memories of seeing the 2017 half-time lead dissolve in Rotterdam, Nationality dies Later he came out roaring. The German team, which has lost three times after taking the lead in 29 Euro matches, will not allow this lead to diminish in London.

Lee Schuler scored the seventh goal in eight games with a corner header early in the second half to put the game out of Danish’s reach. Two goals down, Denmark sank deep into itself, could not affect the game or reach the German backline.

Speaking after the match, Germany midfielder Lina Oberndorf said: “We analyzed Denmark. We were under a lot of pressure. We practiced a lot so we knew what they were going to do and I think you can see it today. With Pernil Harder to play his game. “He’s a really good player. I looked at him and I thought, ‘I see a master at work. But they did not find him. “

Denmark manager Lars Sundgaard told ESPN after the match: “In a way it was wrong for us, we knew how to play but we couldn’t get out of the press. Maybe after 10-20 minutes we got a little insecure. I’m going but you have to get out of the press and then we tried long deliveries but went too far and we couldn’t chase them.

“And the other thing was our pressure, we didn’t succeed because he played too fast, one or two touches, especially on his right side,” he continued.

The clean finish theme continued when substitute Lena Latwen scored the third goal of the night, beating third-seeded Christian of Germany with a very strong finish at her nearest post, an endless overload on the Danish box.

As a result, German-dominated and Danish inexperienced, as Danish captain Pernil Harder admits, “We are still a young team learning every day. We are on a journey to get better every day. We must learn and then move on to tomorrow.”

Speaking of the euro, there was no question of talent in the Danish ranks; Not only the mysterious hardware but also the young crop that comes with it is looking forward to the future. However, that experience came in London with five players in the starting XI aged 24 or under.

Sundergard said, “I think the Germans have played very well today. We didn’t play as well as we expected, it’s a little bit worrying but we need to get up again and it’s a little bit. A little bit difficult.”

A feeling echoed by its hardware.

“This is a whole new team since 2017. I think there are four players in that team today. We have changed a generation, young players are coming in who are really talented and I am sure the future will be really good, ”he said.

Both Sondergaard and Voss-Tecklenburg have a mix of youth and inexperience on their respective benches, with 31-year-old veteran Alex Pop – the depth of Germany revealed when he made his Euro debut with injuries in both the 2013 and 2017 tournaments. – Sydney met Lohmann’s cross to get the ball through the net with a diving header for Germany’s final goal.

The header was the rubber stamp of victory that proved Germany a contender for the title for the first time in more than five years, even though it won its last European Championship in 2013 or its first Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro. 2016. 2016. As a midfielder and veteran since 2017, Sarah DeBritz told ESPN after the win, “I think we have the quality to play for the championship, it’s important to know that we dream of winning the Euro.

“I think today was a really good start, but it was just the beginning, so it’s important to focus on the next match. We want to see the game play and give our best and go a long way. ”

For Denmark, the youngest team in the toughest group this summer, Finland are likely to have a four-day period, if they have any hope of progressing to the group stage, there is no best chance of winning the game. . Face failure overnight in a group of 23 and show quality.

As Sundergaard admits, the team can’t see more than Finland, especially the free-scoring Spanish team, which they will meet in Brentford on July 16, forget about it and see if we can avenge our performance in the match against Finland. .

“It’s also going to be a tough game, but we have to put our game in it and put our foot on the ball; We want to be better than we are today. “

Spain had held four fins of their own past at Milton Keynes the day before, Group B being the most suspicious. But the script has not been written yet.

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