Karthik Aryan has a great reaction to Ayushman Khurana’s Saawariya pose in the towel

Bollywood actor Ayushman Khurana was recently critically acclaimed for his role as undercover agent Joshua in Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Anek’. Now, it looks like the Vicky Donner actor is spending some quality time and relaxing. Recently, he shared a shirtless photo of himself standing near the balcony on social media, causing a stir on the internet. Not only fans but many prominent celebrities including Karthik Aryan reacted to her post.

While clicking the photo, Ayushman Khurana went into ‘Saawariya’ mode and stood in front of the camera wearing only a towel to annoy the fans. Demonstrating his muscular body, Khurana decided to play a fun game with his followers. In the caption, the actor asked his online family to add a fake location to his picture. “Where am I? Just the wrong answer,” read the headline.

Fans played along and added funny kisses to the question. However, Karthik Aryan’s reaction stole the whole limelight. The Pyaar Ka Panchnama star commented “Mere kamare mein (in my room)” to answer his question. When the answer caught Ayushman Khurana’s attention, he immediately replied, “Kartik Aryan can also come. I’m sure I’m not too far away (Kartik Aryan I can come. I’m not too far away). A quick show of bromans among big celebrities has taken the storm discussion on social media.

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