Boston Celtics star Jason Tatum prepares for familiar bounce back after struggling to score in Game 1

SAN FRANCISCO – Boston Celtics star Jason Tatum said he doesn’t spend time worrying about his 3-for-17 shooting performance in Game 1, adding that this isn’t the first time he’s played badly. And he’s confident he’ll be back in Game 2.

“Once you’ve done something before, you know how to respond,” Tatum said Sunday night after training at the Chess Center before Game 2 on Saturday night. “It simply came to our notice then. So that’s it, I’ve been here before. I know what to do in the next match.

“It simply came to our notice then. You do not have the permission required to post. I can’t do anything about the last match. I missed those shots and that’s it. It’s all about how you prepare and how you prepare. “

Tatum has shown that he is capable of making a comeback in all these playoffs. Twice, Tatum has shot less than 33% off the field – with the Brooklyn Nets scoring 16-5-5 and 19 points in Game 2 of Boston’s first-round series and going to 4-K-19 and 10 points in Game 3. Boston second round series with the Milwaukee Bucks.

He then responded with 39 points in Game 3 against Brooklyn and 30 points in Game 4 against Milwaukee.

But as Tatum struggled with his shots in Game 1, he was happy with the way the ball was being carried. Tatum’s play is a story throughout the season, as it is one of the main areas, Ime Udoka insisted he wanted to see the stars rise after taking over the reins of the team last summer.

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In Game 1, Tatum made 13 assists compared to just two turnovers for Golden State Defense.

Tatum scored 12, “I had more assists than points in the last game. So I think I’ve played the perfect game more often. You know, it’s not a big deal. I think these are a lot of shots. , Open shots which I often miss, that’s what I do.

“So it’s not like I’m losing sleep. You know, we won. That was the most important thing, right. It’s the final. That’s all that matters. Of course, I know I want to play better. I shoot every game that way.” Can’t and hope we win. I hope to play better in terms of shooting, but I influence the game in different ways to play my role and win. I will continue to do that. Just read the game, read every play. Ready. “

Golden State has permanently eliminated the open perimeter throughout the playoffs, as their 130 wide-open 3-pointers are the third-highest in any post-season since 2014, tracking data per second in the spectrum and in the playoffs. With significant differences. ,

And Tatum frequently took advantage of that time in Game 1, playing a part in Boston, with only 6 3-pointers returning in the fourth quarter. Tatum said he believes Golden State is doing nothing different than what any other team has done against him since this season.

“I’m sure they don’t think I should just play face-to-face and such things,” Tatum said. “Show the crowd, bring help and such things.

“It simply came to our notice then. But I’m sure it’s part of the game plan, it makes me a playmaker and doesn’t let me sit still, I think every team is doing more or less in the playoffs. So that doesn’t mean it’s new. “

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But with Tatum hoping to return, the Celtics are hoping they can do something they have struggled with throughout the season: handle prosperity well. With Boston now 8-2 on the playoffs, the Celtics have taken a 3-5 lead since the start of the second round against Milwaukee in the game after the victory.

The Celtics have repeatedly said they need to play the same prowess after winning – Tatum did something again after going into Game 2 in Boston’s dramatic fourth quarter on Thursday. The return gave Celtics a 1-0 lead.

“There wasn’t much about me and what I needed to do,” Tatum said. “It’s about what you have to do and how you should be prepared, what adjustments they’re going to make and how they’re going to respond. We need to be ready and we are at 1-0 so there is no need to rest. ,

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