Jansena chief Pawan Kalyan took a break from the film, focusing only on politics

After the completion of ‘Hari Har Veera Mallu’, Pawan Bhavadeyudu will be shooting for Bhagat Singh.

Shooting of Pawan Kalyan starrer Bhavadeyudu Bhagat Singh will start soon.

Power star Pawan Kalyan may soon take a break from movies to focus more on politics. The Telugu actor is busy in one film after another and that is why he could not focus on politics as much as he wanted. After completing the shooting of his current projects, the actor has decided to take a break from films and focus entirely on politics.

While the series of films for Pawan is on, there is no guarantee that these films will hit the theaters. However, according to reports, he will complete the shooting of his part till the next Dussehra, after which the power star will devote all his time to politics.

The box office collection of his upcoming films is expected to grow due to Pawan’s popularity. He is currently working on the film Hari Har Veera Mallu. The film, starring Samuthirakani, is expected to be remade in Tamil.

After the completion of ‘Hari Har Veera Mallu’, Pawan Bhavadeyudu will be shooting for Bhagat Singh.

Kalyan intends to take a break by completing the shooting of Bhavdayadu Bhagat Singh. According to him, the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections are likely to start sometime, so he would like to focus on the elections now.

Sources close to the actor say that if Pawan gets a chance to form a government, he will not get a chance to act. The Power Star tour will start from Vijaya Dashami (Dussehra) on October 5 in Tirupati.

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Pawan was recently in talks for a new political restructuring in Andhra Pradesh. The Jansena chief said he would persuade the BJP leadership to form an alliance with the TDP in the 2024 elections.

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