By defeating the gamblers, the bandits keep the playoff hopes alive

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Birmingham, came. – Leave the truth-telling to Todd Haley to give a colorless version of how his team played.

“Fortunately there are no style points for how you win the game of football,” Haley said. “Because it wasn’t pretty in many different areas.”

Yes, Haley is right. And while Canton can’t request a sports movie for it, his team’s chances of playing after a season are open with a 13-3 win over Houston Gambling at the fierce, Legion Field in Tampa Bay on Sunday evening.

At 4-4 after Sunday’s victory, the Bandits will advance to the playoffs if they win their next two games.

The New Orleans Breakers (5-3) could secure a post-season berth and canton trip to Tampa Bay next week.

The Breakers trailed the Bandits 34-3 in the second week, but this time Haley expects a more competitive game.

“I’m grateful we got to play a meaningful game against a team that kicked our pants off for the first time,” Haley said. “But it’s a rewarding game and we have a lot to study and be able to prepare for.”

Defending robbers put on a show against gamblers

Defending robbers put on a show against gamblers

The Tampa Bay Bandits recorded three sacks and one interception to prevent the Houston Gamblers from winning just three points.

Tampa Bay quarterback Jordan Tamu was not his best game on Sunday, but he did a good job of managing the game.

You threw just 98 yards on 12 for-21 passes with one touchdown and one interception.

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Haley took responsibility for Tamu’s obstruction in the fourth quarter, saying he had to run the ball to keep the chain moving – although your offer was bounced by receiver Richard Davis.

“He did a lot to win us over and that’s the main thing,” Haley said. “He’s a competitive guy who’s in it. He turned his team around today and led us to victory.”

Jordan Tamu TD. Joins Derrick Dillon for

Jordan Tamu TD.  Joins Derrick Dillon for

Jordan Tamu hit Derrick Dillon for a 7-yard touchdown and gave the Tampa Bay Bandit a 10-0 lead over the Houston Gamblers.

Gambling quarterback Clayton was playing without Thorson, who has been doing so for years due to injury, as well as Mark Thompson and No. 1 receiver Isaiah Zuber running behind. So, it would explain that the gambler did not reach the last area and ended up with a total of 214 yards of offense.

With a total of 244 yards, the Pirates didn’t do much better.

Houston’s offense never reached the red zone, and the Gamblers’ only score came on a 44-yard field goal by Nick Vogel after an early drive in the second half.

In his debut, quarterback Kenji Bahar was mostly ineffective, completing 19 of 34 passes for 159 yards without touchdown passes and interceptions. Bahar was knocked out four times.

Houston head coach Kevin Sumalin said the quarterback lacked room because he didn’t run much, not wanting to risk damaging the athletic signal-collar.

Tampa Bay Edge Rusher Mike Scott, who completed two sacks, said his goal was to meet a green man like Spring for the first time – give him your experience.

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“We wanted to kill him as much as possible,” Scott said. “Don’t put anything on him without pressure and make sure he always feels you.”

Vogel kicked right onside

Yes, kickers are also football players.

Vogel showed that by fixing his own kick after the first score of the game in Houston early in the third quarter.

Unfortunately, the bandits failed to get down first and had to return to Tampa Bay.

Sumlin said special teams coach Greg McMahon saw the opportunity while working on a film study earlier this week.

“We talked about it on Monday or Tuesday this week and if the opportunity arises, we’ll run and do it,” Sumalin said. “And we did it.”

Haley decided to challenge the onside kick, even though it was 15 yards – five yards more than the kickoff team needed to legally recover the ball.

“It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my coaching career,” Haley said. “I heard a lot of people talking on the headset and when I looked up I didn’t notice it was 15 instead of 10 yards. But the rescue saved me. ”

Chris Odom of Gambling

Chris Odom of Gambling

Chris Odom recorded three sacks in the Houston Gamblers’ 13-3 defeat to the Tampa Bay Bandits.

Chris OdomUSFL fired

Chris Odom has a problem.

Tampa Bay tried many methods for the talented Houston Edge Rusher, but nothing really happened. Odom completed three sacks and is now the USFL-leading 11 in the season.

Odom made a total of five combined tackles, including one tackle for loss and a forced fumble.

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Not surprisingly, Sumlin said Odom is an effective pass rusher; He attended the same high school where the Cleveland Browns dismissed expert Miles Garrett-Martin from Arlington, Texas.

According to Sumlin, the 6-foot-4 and 245-pound, Odom has a powerful combination of excellent get-offs, a good body lean and a hierarchical body that fits the offensive lineman.

“He and Donald Payne are the best players in the league,” said Sumlin. “Those two people appear out of that week and out of the week. And Chris is the only player from a defensive standpoint who has the ability to play and interrupt plays. Chris Odom is just as good in this league. ”

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