Anjali Nair’s Viddikalude Mashu’s trailer is out

The upcoming Malayalam film, Viddikalude Mashu has generated tremendous discussion on social media and has been trending for the last few days. Recently, the trailer of the movie was released on YouTube and it received spontaneous response from netizens.

Viddikalude Mashu has excellent cast including Dilip Mohan, Anjali Nair, Sheri, Mano Bala, Manikantan Pattambi, Rajesh Paravur, Nirmal Palazi, Maninpilla Raju, Anish Gopal and Akhil CJ. Limelight is centered around a child who decides to be. Professor in college. The story revolves around how a child overcomes the fear of failure and becomes a great teacher.

Vidikalude Mashu is directed by Anish VA and produced by Om Rasak.

Last week, Anish Wane shared a heartwarming poster of the film on his Instagram. The poster shows a group of friends hanging out and having fun.

Anjali Nair is the lead actress in the film and her fans can’t wait to see her on the big screen. Anjali has done memorable performances in films like ‘Drishyam 2’ and ‘Aviyal’. The makers of Vidikalude Mashu hope that the film will be a success due to Anjali’s excellent acting skills. It will also be interesting to see how the director of this film has used a good actress like Shari. Shari has acted in hit films like Jana Gana Mann and Vidikalude Mash.

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